let’s go

Hi, my name is Clara and I decided to start a blog. I must admit that I am new to all this so instead of telling myself “one day” I will actually do something, I did it. Who knows what will happen but that’s the beauty in stepping outside your comfort zone. It might be a little uncomfortable. It might be a little bit bleghh. It might make you frustrated. But above all of that, it’s progress. Even if it might not be the progress you want. It’s still something and that’s got to count for something. Well that’s what I try and tell myself. I’m curious about everything in life, things that make me wonder why. I like to talk about what’s going on in my life to others so much that I thought I may as well type some of it up and see what happens. More than anything I want to understand others so I find myself writing about the experiences I’ve had with others and generally things that have gone on in my life. Things might get personal on here or they might not. Let’s roll with it.

clara x 2020