new camera! (and other things)

I’m back! I’ve been super busy and haven’t really found time to sit down and write as much as I’d like. I’m back at uni and it’s been pretty hectic. Lots of stuff to do. I’m busy but I think it’s a good busy. I have a routine and all that and I’m enjoying learning stuff in the ol brain of mine. So as the title says: yes I have a new camera! Yippee!

To tell you the truth, I had a post in my drafts that I was going to post but I wasn’t vibing it because it was going to be another ‘whoopsies film fail’ (pt 2). I thought that after the first fail and reflection that I would be able to get some more photos that I’m happy with. Well three rolls of film later and I wasn’t all that impressed. I was deflated. So I took a breather. And then life got busy and now a while later I’m here. I wasn’t planning on showing photos but I was randomly scrolling through them and thought, “hey those are kinda cool” – if I didn’t make posts about how I didn’t love them, I could pull them off as if that’s my style. Yeah, they’re a lot overexposed and a bunch of them were unfocused but that’s what happens. I might be a bit of an amateur photographer but made sure to change the exposure settings with these photos, if anything I thought they’d all come out underexposed. So I was stumped. Anyway – I started to think that maybe it was actually the camera itself. She’s a bit old and the light meter might’ve carked it. Before I talk about my new (to me) gadget here are some of the photos I wasn’t keen on posting…

I took some from the Invasion Day March:

And here are some others (a mix of going to noosa, straddie and random ones from home):

Again, I still like them because they are pictures of me doing stuff that I love and they mean something to me. But as you can see they all kinda have the same affect – very overexposed and kinda yellowish? Very old timey look. My friend (shoutout K) always describes them as dreamy. Onto the main event: my new camera! It’s a an Olympus OM-2. It’s an SLR (single-lens reflex) camera – which basically means its an upgrade. Waaaay cooler. It’s got a battery (fancy I know). I’m going to be honest in saying that I haven’t really done as much research as I did with my olympus trip 35 simply because there’s so much out there that I don’t understand. The research I did do on the Olympus OM-2 did say that it was pretty darn good.

I went to visit my family who live in New South Wales to test my new toy out. My dad helped me a bit – he tried his best to explain some of the features. I took a few photos and I’m so happy at how they turned out! The look so good! I’m really impressed at the light balance and I feel like it is so much more accurate – the style that I had always envisioned. So here are a few of my favs:

Omg the comparison between the two is so crazy. Wow. I can’t wait to take some more pictures my new beaut camera! So as I said – I’ve been super busy with uni so I haven’t really had much time to myself. This blog post has been in my drafts for so long but I only just got this film developed. Looking at these photos really made my day. I’m glad to be back posting something I feel super proud of. Stay tuuuuned.

clara x 2021

Shag Rock, Peach Fur & Selfish Sons @ the Tivoli [19.02.21]

I’m back at it again with another gig post! Last Friday night me and a few friends went to see Shag Rock, Peach Fur and Selfish Sons at the Tivoli. It was my first time seeing Shag Rock and they were bloody fantastic. The gig was completely sold out and felt like any other pre-covid gig (there was an actual mosh pit!!!). I’ve seen Peach Fur a couple of times ahem and funnily enough I’ve written a lil post about them too. Have a looksy if you wanna. I’ve also seen Selfish Son way back when I was maybe 18 or 19 (so eons ago ;)) so it was a blast from the past to see them again. It was a great night full of Brissy/Goldie bands that joined forces, creating an unforgettable night. The POWER.

Premiere: Shag Rock step outside of their comfort zone with Old School Lover
Shag Rock

Shag Rock are a local Brissy band that play groovy indie-surf-rock-pop-chill tunes. It’s made up of 4 super talented guys:, Jacob, Alex, Nick and Max. They totally live up to their cool beachy vibes – they literally have a song called Coconuts so if that’s not proof then I don’t know what is. Their music definitely makes you wanna have a boogie: full of those surfy guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and sweet sweet vocals (Jacob and Alex). Definitely some Sticky Fingers vibes in there. Their music makes me proud to be from Brisbane because how cool is it to be from the same city as these guys!

Shag Rock had a relaxed stage presence (ie wasn’t their first rodeo) – adding to their surfy/ laid-back vibe. I felt like their set list flowed really nicely (I don’t actually have it on me but just trust me when I say it did). They knew how to work the crowd – I had lots of fun dancing and jumping and swaying etc. Overall – they were really good live. No wonder the show sold out! If you get the opportunity, do yourself a favour and see them. You won’t regret it.

this playlist: Flicker -> Creaky Minds -> Deep Froth (my fav) -> Back In Our Day -> their cover of everything i wanted by billie eilish

They’ve got so many good songs. One of my favourite song of theirs is Deep Froth – such a banger. It’s catchy and kind of makes me want to road trip to the closest beach and just sit and listen to it there. Their most popular song is called Sunbleached Girl which is also a banger. But then there’s also Stacy which is a total hit when it comes to getting a party started or having a good ol groove (the real question is who is this Stacy girl?). I also really like their latest release Golden Lungs. It’s a bit more of a lowkey one – one that I was swaying to rather than jumping to at their gig. Word on the street is that they’re coming out with a new album this year! Keep an eye out for it – I can’t wait.

Review: Selfish Sons' Mainstream-Worthy Debut EP 'SixFour' | Music Is My  Muse | Australian Music
Selfish Sons!

So Selfish Sons were the first act of the night (that I saw – I didn’t quite make it to Citrus Daze sorry). They’re a three-piece (shoutout Jordy, Finn and Jonty) Brisbane-based band that plays alt-rock-pop kinda music. They give me a 1975 kinda vibe. The first time I went to see them (I think it was a gig somewhere in the valley in like 2018) I took one of my best friends. As it turns out it was the first ever gig she’d been to and she came to Friday night’s gig too so it was kinda sentimental in that way. I hadn’t listened to them for a while so when I saw them on Friday I was reminded of how good they were! They had a really energetic stage presence – they were super into it and the crowd went crazy for it (as they should). My favourite song of theirs is Broke – a classic. But they just released Anything which definitely feels like a big pop song (I can imagine it playing on the radio).

Meet The Band: Peach FurThe Creative Issue – News for Creatives
Peach Fur!

I’ve already written up a post on just how peachy Peach Fur were at their gig a lil while back. Basically they’re four uber groovy pals (Liam, Ben, Denny, and Mikey) who have a unique sound (imagine surfy rock, some psychedelic vibes, a bit of blues and reggae all blended into one). I can’t speak highly enough of them and how f*%$ing epic they are live (so if you ever get the chance to see them, you don’t wanna miss out). My friends and I managed to get pretty close to the action in the mosh pit which was pretty cool until we realised that we probably couldn’t last their whole set in there without getting accidentally punched in the face (some of those girls in there were feisty). I must be getting old if I can’t last a couple hours in the mosh (god that’s depressing). MOVING ON. Duh the set was great – they got the ‘horny boys’ (aka boys of trumpet/ saxophone) up to play a few songs (Funkn Oath (my fav song of theirs) and their cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes You” (which totally went OFFFF on Friday)). I also really liked when they played ‘Aliens‘ – they got real aliens up on stage! ~spoooky~~. You should give it a listen. Or pretty much any of their music.

I had such a good night: live music + dancing with friends = very happy Clara. Another hugely successful gig at the Tivoli! Post-covid I’m never going to take gigs for granted because they’re a damn blessing. So much good music all in one night! Happy happy days.

clara x 2021


Last week my family and I went to Noosa (the traditional owners of the land are the Kabi Kabi people) – more specifically we stayed in Sunshine Beach. It’s about a five minute drive from Noosa Heads (the main town). I had the loveliest time hanging out with the fam over the week we were there. The house we stayed in was walking distance to the beach so we went everyday. We’d go to the beach or hang out in Noosa in the morning (preferably to get an acai bow), have lunch, have a nap, and then take the dogs to the beach in the arvo. It was the perfect week. I read a couple of books while I was there: Eggshell Skull and Such A Fun Age. Both good reads but especially Eggshell Skull. It really impacted me – difficult to read at times but definitely worth the read.

Sunshine Beach is so so beautiful backed with noosa national park – there usually weren’t many people on the beach making it perfect for walks. We went into the Noosa Main beach a few times which was although much busier still just as beautiful. The beach is much more protected than Sunshine Beach so the waves were almost nonexistent when we went. We walked through the national park and along the way went to Hell’s Gates and stopped at a little beach.

This post is gonna be short and sweet – I’ve got some other posts on the back burner so watch out for them at some point.

clara x 2021

Gordi @ the Triffid [05.02.21]

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! On Friday night a family friend had some spare tickets to see Gordi at the Triffid (a great Brissy music venue). I’ll be honest – I hadn’t ever heard of her before but I won’t say no to a night of live music. Gordi is an Australian singer/songwriter and her style of music is described as ‘folktronica’ (I’ve literally never heard of that genre but you learn something new everyday).

Gordi interview Sophie Payten new album Our Two Skins
the queen herself

After reading up about her and listening to her music I’ve decided that she is probably one of the coolest chicks out. She’s from country western NSW. She’s got the voice of an angel. She’s an amazing songwriter. And a doctor. This concert was part of a string of shows around Australia in celebration of Gordi’s latest release ‘Our Two Skins‘. Read up about it here and here. Something I did learn was that she used a bunch of random instruments in the making of the album like farm gates and machinery. My favourite song of hers is Extraordinary Life – its a beautiful song about giving her partner an extraordinary life. I loved it even more when she told the audience that a couple came up to her and told her that it was going to be the song the bride would walk down the aisle to. So friggen cute. Also love Can We Work It Out – the drumming irl for this song was cool.

a clip of her song ‘radiator’

The gig was sit down – which was nice because I went along with a group of people (including my dad who – much prefers to sit and appreciate the music in a more lowkey manner). The concert was well suited to a sit down setting because I felt like I could really appreciate Gordi’s music and lyricism. She sings songs that make you wanna listen closely. Plus, the setting made it all feel intimate and wholesome.

We managed to catch Jack Gray – the support act before seeing the legend herself (Gordi duh). He’s a super talented Aussie boy who plays a mix of of acoustic/ electronic/ alternative/ pop. I like his song I Got 3 – it’s pretty cute (ahem just like him) and a little soppy so just the way I like it. I didn’t quite get any decent photos or videos so enjoy this photo I found of him on the internet:

Image result for jack gray

I had a great evening. Gordi put on such an amazing show. Her amazing vocals gave me goosebumps. She has such a powerful voice and talented through her use of instruments and impressive electronic/looping use. The band that she played with was talented – mixed with the intimate atmosphere created an all round beautiful night.

I didn’t take this photo but thought I’d share it because its a great photo (by Will Johnstone)

I’ll leave you with amazing cover that Gordi performed as the last song…

clara x 2021

a short trip to straddie

On Wednesday morning I went off to straddie (a.k.a north stradbroke island) for a night. My longest and dearest friend, Rachel invited me over with her family because they a house over there. Rachel and I have grown up with each other – I can’t remember a time without having her in my life. Anyway – even though I wasn’t there long, I had such a lovely time! We spent our days at the beach, eating ice creams, reading, lounging around (we did this a good deal) and going on walks (I made a lil video on them).

The traditional custodians of north stradbroke island are the Nunukul, Nughi and Goenpul clans of the Quandamooka people and is known as Minjerribah. It’s basically a big sand island off of southeast Brisbane. You need to take either a ferry or water taxi to get there. I got on a water taxi to Dunwich and Rachel was kind enough to pick me up (most people get the bus into town). It takes a little while to get there but once you do its all worth it. The views are beautiful, the beaches are amazing and the whole ~vibe~ is very relaxed.

The weather on Wednesday was pretty hot and humid – perfect for morning and arvo swims. We walked from deadmans to flannagans beach – doing a good deal of walking on the beach, walking through some tracks and occasional rock hopping (pic 1/2 and first half of video).

On Thursday morning Emma, Rachel and I went off to have breakfast at the local cafe (the blue room). Afterwards we went on the gorge walk (3rd pic & second half of the video). It was pretty cloudy but it didn’t stop rachel and I having a quick swim. It was surprisingly calm and the temperature was just right – plus we were pretty much the only ones in the water.

warning: wholesome content ahead

I went home on Thursday arvo but had such a nice time. I feel so lucky that I live near such a beautiful part of Australia and that I have friends that are nice enough to let me stay with them. Hope everyone is staying well and looking after themselves.

clara x 2021

*** btw I went to straddie before qld lockdown

whoopsies film fail

So – I have a confession to make: I stuffed up a roll of film. When I say stuffed up I’m definitely being dramatic and I still like how the photos turned out but once I got them I felt a pang of disappointment. I then realised that I had put the wrong friggen exposure settings the whole time. I went to the beach on a super, sunny day (which is hard to capture anyway) and I set the exposure to like 8. I don’t know if it was because I haven’t used my camera in a while or it was just the sunny weather effecting my brain cells but I set the settings to the complete opposite of what I wanted/should have been set to. Instead of putting the f-stop at a higher number (meaning that there would be less light exposed in the film – which is what you want), I set the exposure to like 8 (which is a bit lower than you’d want). I probably should’ve put the f-stop to either 16 or maybe even 22. Check out my other blog post to read about me chatting more about settings and stuff. That sounds really confusing but moral of the story was that I used the wrong exposure settings.

Regardless, I had a lovely day at this beach with my friend – the water was nice and refreshing, we hung out, ate some good food and I left feeling whole again.

Here they are:

Again, I don’t think the photos are necessarily bad (in fact, as I’m looking at them all again some of them I really love) n- I’m just not as happy as I have been with other rolls of film. Normally I would start writing a post as soon as I got my roll – I held off from posting. Anyway – this post is more of a reminder to myself that its okay to make silly mistakes and that I really need to try to not be so hard on myself (new year goal?). Yeah the photos didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped but I had the best day out with my pal so who really cares. But hopefully next time I’ll get it right.

— clara x 2020 (not for much longer)

life update & another gig (HANNI & syrup)

I feel like it’s been ages since I last posted on here! Lately I’ve felt kind of unsure on what to write about – feeling like I haven’t done anything super interesting. Blogger’s Block if you will. I’m still keeping myself busy – working, going to the gym, hanging out with friends/family and hanging out with myself. I haven’t really been concerned about not writing on here because I’m in a really good headspace right now (proud of me).

Anyway, on Saturday night my friends I went along to a free gig – part of brisbane’s ‘valley fiesta’. I wasn’t even planning on writing a post about it (hence the crappy photos) but halfway through the first act I was like, wait a minute… I might write about this. Now here we are. There were a bunch of bands playing at o’skulligans – a venue that I’ve never been to before. I went along not knowing any of the artists and was pleasantly surprised by some of the acts (particularly syrup).

The first act of the night was HANNI – a singer-songwriter from brisbane. She has a lovely energy and beautiful vocals with amazing range. Her music is a kinda alternative/pop/dreamy vibe. It’s the kinda music that makes you smile. Her latest song is called Golden Eyes – listen to it. She’s only got a few songs out but she’s one to watch out for.

HANNI Returns With Catchy New Track 'Crazy' – Good Call Live

Next up was Syrup, another brissy-based band. They are a super groovy band – full of fuzzy synths mixed with a cool, deep vocals and some nice electric guitarness, creating an alt-pop dream. Definitely had a bit of a boogie (restrained of course (more of a head bobbing because of covid restrictions)). I really enjoyed their set – bonus points for their bongo drums. Definitely not the style of music I’d typically listen to but I vibed it. I really liked their song Collison Course – check it out if you wanna have a boogie.

Syrup - Turn

I had a lot of fun – going to free gigs is sometimes a hit or miss. But this time it was definitely a hit – mostly. I wasn’t sure whether to talk about the last band to play: feelsclub. I’ll just say: not my cuppa tea (no disrespect tho). I guess you can check them out if you’re into weird space club music. Or if you’re curious.

I had a nice night out with my pals – it’s so nice to see so many other people out and about now that restrictions are easing! O’skulligans is a neat little dive bar in the valley and I’m keen to go back there for another gig sometime soon.

I think I’m getting over my blogger’s block – it’s hard to not put pressure on myself to make some amazing post. But I really need to remind myself more often that I’m literally doing this for myself – first and foremost. Anyhoo, I’ve got a few gigs coming up and some other blog post ideas. Stay tuned.

clara x 2020

DMA’s @ the tivoli [25.10.21]

I’m back at it again – the girl who likes to go to gigs and then write about them. Last Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to see the DMA’s – probably one of my fav bands ever. If you haven’t heard of them (where have you been though??) – they’re a three-piece alternative rock band from Sydney.

DMA's On World Cafe | NPR Illinois
these are the three chaps (matt, tommy and johnny)

I had super high expectations and they totally lived up to them – apart from the fact that it felt slightly shorter than I’d expected.

I went off to the gig with two friends (shoutout t and k) last sunday arvo (the 2nd out of 6 shows) at the tivoli – a nice venue in brisbane (everything was totally covid-safe). It was a pretty intimate gig – mostly seated (we lined up a bit earlier so we were pretty close to the stage) – which was fitting as it was part of their ‘Unplugged & Intimate’ tour. The shows were supporting their latest album The Glow. It’s their third album. The best way for me to describe it is music that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. It’s got a bit of a different vibe to some of their old goldies – it feels a bit bigger and bolder. I’ll admit it isn’t my favourite album of theirs (please god forgive me I still love them endlessly) but that’s not to say it isn’t fab. I like the vibe of Hills End and For Now a bit more. In saying this – there are a bunch of really good songs on the record (especially Silver, Learning Alive and Criminals). Definitely worth the listen.

Delete was the first song they released (which, sadly they didn’t play – but it’s definitely one of my favs) and it was the first song that got me hooked. The DMA’s have so many good songs – I honestly can’t say that I have a favourite. It would be like choosing a favourite child. I love So We Know – with its soft mellow guitar at the beginning but really big ending. I love The End because it gives me goosebumps every single time. I love Silver for the smooth guitar and Tommy’s soaring vocals that make me feel gooey on the inside. Don’t even get me started on how good their cover of Cher’s Believe is. It is honestly mind-blowingly good.


The beautiful Clea (pronounced ‘clay’) opened up the show with her lovely lovely voice. I hadn’t heard of her before so it was a really pleasant surprise that she performed. I really liked her song Sugar – her dreamy, floaty voice carries an important message about. She has one of the most beautiful voices.

As soon as the DMA’s stepped onto the stage I was so giddy! How cool was it that I got to see my fav band!? Throughout the whole afternoon/evening I felt totally starstruck by their presence and in awe of their performance. I’m 99% sure that I wasn’t alone in it. They captured the attention of everyone in the audience. Tommy’s angelic voice filled the theatre alongside matt and johnny on piano and guitar. They had an amazing violinist and drummer which added a whole other level to the night. I felt like most of their songs worked well as more stripped back – swapping in different parts like synths for the violin was nice to see. They created a beautiful, intimate atmosphere throughout the whole evening . I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a stray tear or too.

They played some of my favourite songs like Silver, The End, Criminals and The Glow. Bonus – they did a cover of Better Be Home Soon which was such a nice moment – the crowd singing along, swaying along. It was unfortunate that they didn’t play Delete because I felt like it would’ve been a really nice addition to their set list. There were a lot of people who were feeling the same.

the end -> the glow

I had the best time and even though the show was a little shorter than expected and they didn’t play ALL the songs I liked (let’s be real – if they did, it would be a long long gig). The DMA’s and their music is something that I will forever cherish. They’ve made a really big impact on my life. Their music has helped me through some rough patches but also uplifted me in the good times. As always – I’m beyond grateful that I’m able to see live music and the fact that I got to see DMA’s was so unbelievable.

clara x 2020

the beach

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here! I’ve been waiting to finish my roll of film before I made this post. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been to the beach three times. It’s starting to warm up here and I’ve been lucky enough to get to the beach (its only about an hour’s drive).

Going to the beach is one of my fav things to do. I feel so calm when I’m at the beach (which is always a good thing). There are so many things that I love about being there – the sound of the waves crashing up against the shore, the sweet sweet fresh air, getting into the water and bobbing up and down on those nice lil waves etc etc.

One of my favourite beaches is wategos beach in byron bay. Trust me when I say it’s one of the most beautiful beaches ever. For some reason I don’t have a decent photo of me there but here is one from the internet:

Wategos Beach – Byron4Kids

One of my other favourite beaches is burleigh heads – on the gold coast which is where I’ve been to lately. It’s not too far away and I like getting there earlyish in the morning – have a quick swim, a nice lunch and then get home in the early afternoon. The last times I’ve been there the water has been a little chilly for my liking but still lovely times. It’s a pretty popular beach – but for good reason. The views are amazing and the vibe is pretty relaxed. There are also a bunch of nice shops close-by with some good lunch options. Bonus – there are lots of (cute) surfers to watch while you’re there. Here are some of the film photos I took over the last couple of times there:

Here’s a bonus picture of when I went to tallebudgera beach (another beach in the gold coast) with my dad, sister and of course my two favourite boys (freddy and paddy). I only took one because it was the last one left in the roll.

Not all the photos turned out exactly how I wanted them to – some were a little too overexposed and others a little underexposed. They’re never going to all turn out perfect but that’s kinda why I like film. You don’t have the opportunity to adjust everything and take loads of photos just to pick out one that you like. You take a photo and hope for the best. But I feel pretty happy with how most of them turned out. I can’t wait to go to the beach more often – relax, go for a swim and hang out with friends and family.

clara x 2020

Peach Fur @ the zoo [25.09.21]

I’m back for yet another covid-safe gig (meaning only 100 people in the venue, strictly seated and everything being within covid restrictions and guidelines) at the zoo (fortitude valley, brisbane). On Friday night I went along to the Peach Fur gig with two of my closest friends (shoutout to T and kelly). This was the third gig I’ve seen at the zoo (see here and here for the other two). What a night! If you’ve read any of my music-related posts you’ll know exactly how passionate I feel about live music (basically: it’s my fav thing ever). Best believe this was one of the best gigs I’ve seen (I know I say that almost every time but I swear I mean it).

Peach fur had an electric presence – you could feel how much they loved being up there which made them even more entertaining. I couldn’t stop grinning the whole night – I was so blissfully happy that even after the first few songs they could’ve said sorry that’s it – and I still would’ve thought they were amazing (thank god they didn’t).

PREMIERE: Peach Fur deliver an inter-galactic indie rock jam on Aliens
peach fur !

There were two support acts of the night: Donny Love and Great Sage. Both very cool bands. Great Sage had a kinda futuristic vibe – and there were even some flute solos which, you don’t get enough of these days.

great sage
here’s one of great sage’s iconic flute solos

Next up was Donny Love: also super groovy.

Album Review: Donny Love 'Sensation' |
donny love

They had a guy on sax who kinda stole the show (I’m sorry to the rest of the band) – with his fab sax playing and even more fab dance moves. They had some groovy riffs mixed with the funky sax, guitar, keyboard and bass creating an all-round good time. They were super energetic the whole night and had a great stage presence. Plus, they have a song called Run For Mayor which is about when they ran for mayor in the 2020 gold coast election (iconic). Their latest single is called Boredom Pills – definitely check it out. Here’s a quick clip of them from the night:

Now for the main course – Peach Fur. I’ve only recently come across their music. My friend and I happened to ‘stumble’ across one of their gigs a few weeks ago. I think the first song I heard was All in Good Thyme (one of fav songs). The band is made up of four super talented mates from the gold coast who pretty much make up the dream team. Their sound is a mix of all the good things in life – a bit of rock, surfy rock, some psychedelic vibes, a bit of blues, reggae and all-round goodness. I know it sounds like there’s a lot going on there – trust me when I say that it works. I like the fact that they don’t really have one particular genre that they stick to because it makes their sound unique and extra funky. Their latest EP is called Awake – give it a listen if you wanna have a “good thyme” ;).

One of my favourite songs is Funkn Oath – it’s got some really groovy bass that is carried out throughout the whole song, catchy vocals and sweet sweet guitars. It’s the kind of song that I could listen to on repeat and never get bored of. It’s upbeat and very very groovy which, could be the description of any of their songs. It made it very very hard not to get up and dance. Some of my other favourite songs of theirs are Glimmer, Preloved, Days Go By and Lonely Fellow. You should definitely give them a listen. Also – one of the highlights of the night was when they covered Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – they brought in the “horny boys” (aka two guys on saxophone and trumpet) to help out. It was so so good!!

lonely fellow -> days go by -> funkn oath

Every time I go to a gig, I’m reminded of how important they are to me and how much happiness they bring to me. For those few hours, I feel so whole – music is something that has brought me so much joy and being able to see it live is just a whole other level of joy. Add in the fact that I got to spend time with my friends made the experience even better. Like always – I’m incredibly grateful that I’m still able to see live music in these times. Being able to support local bands and artists is awesome – especially since we have so much homegrown goodness in brissy. Hopefully, sometime soon I’ll be able to have a stand-up boogie at a gig.

clara x 2020