the fools at @ west room

It was a lovely Friday evening and it ended up to also be a celebration of me finishing an exam, getting good marks in a group assignment (which, was no easy feat) and also QLD restrictions easing. And duh it was the start of the weekend. Lots of good vibes. Your favourite pal (me) isContinue reading “the fools at @ west room”


Last week my family and I went to Noosa (the traditional owners of the land are the Kabi Kabi people) – more specifically we stayed in Sunshine Beach. It’s about a five minute drive from Noosa Heads (the main town). I had the loveliest time hanging out with the fam over the week we wereContinue reading “noosa”

gordi @ the triffid

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! On Friday night a family friend had some spare tickets to see Gordi at the Triffid (a great Brissy music venue). I’ll be honest – I hadn’t ever heard of her before but I won’t say no to a night of live music. Gordi is an Australian singer/songwriter and her styleContinue reading “gordi @ the triffid”

a short trip to straddie

On Wednesday morning I went off to straddie (a.k.a north stradbroke island) for a night. My longest and dearest friend, Rachel invited me over with her family because they a house over there. Rachel and I have grown up with each other – I can’t remember a time without having her in my life. AnywayContinue reading “a short trip to straddie”

whoopsies film fail

So – I have a confession to make: I stuffed up a roll of film. When I say stuffed up I’m definitely being dramatic and I still like how the photos turned out but once I got them I felt a pang of disappointment. I then realised that I had put the wrong friggen exposureContinue reading “whoopsies film fail”

dmas @ the tivoli

I’m back at it again – the girl who likes to go to gigs and then write about them. Last Sunday afternoon I was lucky enough to see the DMA’s – probably one of my fav bands ever. If you haven’t heard of them (where have you been though??) – they’re a three-piece alternative rockContinue reading “dmas @ the tivoli”

the beach

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here! I’ve been waiting to finish my roll of film before I made this post. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been to the beach three times. It’s starting to warm up here and I’ve been lucky enough to get to the beach (its onlyContinue reading “the beach”


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