Daily J @ The Brightside [6.10.22]

It’s that time again! Another gig post. On Friday night I was lucky to see Daily J with my friendos Katy and Lara. I did indeed a have a very nice night. Lots of dancing to good music, some dumplings and ice-cream at the end (totally worth the power walk to Messina at 11pm). You can’t tell me that that isn’t the definition of a good night.

In true Clara style, we missed the first support act, Cheap Date. This doesn’t mean I didn’t want to see them! I swear! This is only due to my poor time-management skills. They have a really nice, floaty 80s but also kinda rock vibe to them. I like their song Beside Me.

(Big Dinner)

The next support act was Big Dinner. They’re a band from good ol Brisbane (shoutout). They play jazzy, pop, psychy music. They played some goodies like Four Leaf Clover and Clouds. Unfortunately, I don’t think they played Displacement (unless I have some kind of memory loss which is totally a possibility) which is my favourite of theirs so I’d recommend a listen!

(Daily J)

Alright! Now for the main act of the night Daily J! They’re a super cool band that come all the way from New Zealand. The band is made up of three brothers: Jesse, Jay and Johnny (the J version of Kardashians apparently and hence the J in Daily J) and funnily enough friendos who conveniently go by Jick and Juney. What a coincidence. They play indie-rock-psych-vibey-summery tunes that is a real treat for your ears. They remind me of fellow NZ boys, Mako Road (who are SADLY no longer together).

They were a really fun band to see on stage – it always makes it 10x better when the band you’re watching on stage looks so stoked to be there. I was STOKED also. They did say Brisbane was the best city (?) which is a bit controversial considering it’s a bit of a granny city. To be fair, I think this is their first time in Australia so maybe they were just jetlagged.

They started off the night with a banger, Letting Go to get the crowd warmed up and followed through with Skylah. Skylah, if you’re out there, thanks for doing your part in the making of this song. They followed that with one of my favs: By the Sea. Which, you guessed it, makes me want to be by the sea – it’s got some upbeat guitar, bits of synths that come and go and some definite under-the-sea vibes. And my absolute favourite of theirs came afterwards… Superkiller. Something about the shweet sax and reggae kinda vibes, makes it a massive banger in my books. They played Space, another great song of theirs. Of course, they played their latest single, Stay.

Their latest song Stay (be warned, there is some seriously COOL dance moves)

A super cute song they played was Talking to You. Daw. My new favourite. Thank god they came back on for the encore to play the fan favourite (rightly so) Left Me Like Summer – it’s got the catchy guitar riffs, catchier lyrics and an all round good time (even though yes, upon further inspection the song seems to have a much sadder, deeper). They finished the night with a classic, Black Lagoon.

Such a good night! Daily J! Australia loves you!

clara x 2022

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