life updates + loads of film

Hello hello! It’s almost August. Life has been a little bit crazy. As I’m finishing up my last big uni break, I thought I’d do a little bit of a catchup with a bunch of photos I have accumulated over the past month or so.

Over the past year I have developed newfound love of hosting dinner parties. I have had so far 4 successful parties (according to very reliable reports). Dinner parties work really well when all your friends are so goshdamn kind and helpful (daw). After I finished my placement a few months ago I hosted a ravioli making party. SO CUTE.

Recently, I hosted a Mexican dinner party which was delightful. Unfortunately I don’t actually have any photos of the food but trust me when I say, it was delicious (many reliable and valid reports of this). I do however, have a cheesy photo of all my friends dressed in gingham (in accordance to the dress code).

I went on a very exciting trip to Sydney with my three beautiful friends Cleo, Katy and Lara (try saying that five times fast). My Aunty Becky was kind enough to let us all stay at hers (lucky us). We had a blast exploring Sydney and hanging out. It is all very wholesome and very mushy to realise you have friends that are happy to put up with you for a week. I blame our healthy boundaries and love of knitting and dance academy for the success.

I got to take some black and white photos using my film camera (I don’t remember exactly the kind of film apart from the fact that it was indeed black and white) for the first time which, turned out pretty well. I felt they could have been a bit better but in response to me saying this my friends shot me down with the classic you’re-too-hard-on-yourself (maybe so) and my Dad went with the classic the photo-developers-might-not-be-the-best. In saying this, here are some that I like a lot…

I used an extra special roll of kodak portra 120 (I think) on these colour ones and I absolutely fell in love with how (most of them) turned out. I LOVE THEM.

Here are some non-film photos I took and film photos I didn’t take myself from Sydney which I also love.

Other things I’ve been up to: gigs. I’ve been to some gigs (see my last post) and another one I didn’t write up (sorry not sorry but I saw the Grogans again at the Zoo – see this blog post I did on them a little while back). I’ve also been to many a hot girl walks, finished numerous puzzles, watched lots of Love Island (UK version obviously) and become slightly more competent in my knitting abilities. I went to Splendour in the Grass(/Mud) with my friend T. I was super stoked to be going back to festivals (especially after day one Splendour was cancelled… I am still not over missing Gorillaz)! Sure, it wasn’t ideal weather for it (torrential rain leading to the huge amounts of mud everywhere) and sure, there was more waiting than I had ever done in my life (waiting for over three hours for the bus to get back to our accommodation) but I was so happy to be there. We managed to see Oliver Tree, Violent Soho, Jack Harlow, Glass Animals and The Strokes. Lots of boogies and lots of good times.

clara x 2022

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