Fraser Bell & Girl and Girl @ Black Bear Lodge [20.11.21]

Crikey! I cannot believe it has been so long since I last wrote a gig post. As per usual, life has been particularly busy. Plus, if I’m being completely honest, a few gigs I was really looking forward to were postponed (shoutout covid) which left me feeling bleh about it all. But you’re in luck because I went to a great gig last night and it has indeed inspired me to write a little post on! On a Saturday night I went off to see Fraser Bell at Black Bear Lodge and it was a hoot and a half.

The night didn’t exactly go smooth sailing when one of my friends rocked up without having bought a ticket. Pre-covid, this wouldn’t be an issue because there would likely be some last-minute tickets at the door. Unfortunately, there weren’t, even after my friend pouted and was on the verge of TeARs (I’m kidding). Shoutout Z for being a legend and accepting her fate. But never fear! There will always be another gig (and the sneak peak is that we will be going to a big one soon).

Fraser Bell

SO – cut to the chase Clara. Fraser Bell is/are a Brisbane-based artist that plays indie-guitar-pop-rock. His singing style is the kind of talk singing. This kind of singing reminds me a lot o f Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever who, I’m a huge fan of. This sound also reminds me a bit of Courtney Barnett. When you listen to them you’ll know what I’m talking about. The lyrics are witty and the guitar is upbeat and catchy. Very cool and very Australian.

There were two support acts: Girl and Girl and Nicole McKinney. Unfortunately, as per usual I did in fact miss Nicole McKinney because I am unable to get ready on time. BUT upon listening to some of her songs – I really wish my time management skills were better. She has a beautiful voice and sings dreamy indie-pop. I like her song Stay.

girl and girl

Next up was Girl and Girl. Now, I was really looking forward to seeing them because I missed out on seeing them a little while ago when they played at the Junk Bar a little while ago. I’m a fan. Girl and Girl are a Gold Coast/Brisbane band who play grunge-alternative-rock-punk music. They remind me a bit of The Smiths or Bowie and some good old 70s (? maybe 80s) Aussie rock. Their honest lyrics kinda remind me of Goon Sax another great local band. Very very cool. Also, I have to bring attention to their drummer who is the coolest lady. She’s the Aunty of one of the other band members and she emulates the ultimate cool-girl vibes. I LOVE IT!

Girl and Girl had a great stage presence and energy! There were some golden tracks they played from their newly released EP: A Typical Friday Night which I love. They played my fav song at the moment, Shame It’s Not Now – which, everyone should listen to. The lyrics are funny and honest, the tune is catchy – an all-round good time. It was definitely a crowd favourite and best believe I was having a boogie. After playing this song they played another banger – Ocean Song, also very groovy. The guitar riff is cool so check that one out. After that one was Doctor Marten, another cracker. To my displeasure, they did not do an encore (since when did bands actually run on time?) and after confirmation of the setlist, they did not play another of my favourite songs White Tiles. I’m not sure what the story was but you should definitely listen to it regardless! It’s got a real edge to it and is their most popular song for a reason.

Now onto Fraser Bell. He was up on stage with a band and a special guest (shoutout eloela). This gig was celebrating his newest release, Still Spinning, which is full of catchy guitar and groovy beat. Very cool. Fraser Bell’s music was well suited to a more low-key audience (although some people did try and mosh… it didn’t quite work out). This meant it worked out well with the venue – a more low-key kinda vibe. He played one of his older songs, Royal Festival Hall which – you guessed it: about meeting someone (shoutout) at the Royal Festival Hall. There is definitely more background to the song but there ya go. He played Rush, which I think was the first song I heard of his that made me think – dang this is catchy. I love the guitar to this one! Their last song was Ode to Anxieties, which also catchy but also strongly emotionally charged. I think this one is my new favourite.

I had a fab night as always. Long live brissy music! Good tunes and good company.

clara x 2021

clara x 2021

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