juicy film dump

Golly gosh! I haven’t posted in real hot minute! Life has been busy! There’s been a lack of gigs (ok well that’s not completely true, I have been to a couple but they didn’t really count because I either showed up late or was too just didn’t write one up). Hoping to go to some soon so stay tooned.

That being said! Here are some film pics that I’ve taken ;)…

These are from a trip I went to visit a friend and her bub!

These are from a hike I went on with my dad and sister!

I went to the gold coast with my best friends!

Here are some from when I went to Hobart…I went to Hobart? Yes, yes I did. It was fun! I had the loveliest time! Friendos and familios!

Here are some from my uni ball…where I was completely sober the whole night

Here are some ‘fails’ (because they are inevitable and they’re also fun to look at). I kind of love them.

Well well well. That was a lot of film to scroll through. Congrats if you made it through. I have a lot to be grateful of at the moment. Lots of good friends – some new friends (!) and some old friends (<3) and family and good music and things coming up and things ending WHEW!

clara x 2021

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