Buttered, Bronte Eve & Harrison R. King @ Miami Marketta [16.07.21]

It’s a good day for another gig post! This time in the Gold Coast (#claragoescoastal). I was in the neighbourhood on a Friday night, obviously I was gonna scope out a gig for me and my pals (my duty as a friend and human). Low and behold I see that Buttered were playing that same night. I only recently stumbled across them so I was keen to see them. Miami Marketta is such a cool venue at the Gold Coast. There were night markets with SO much delicious food so that meant dinner (I had spinach and cheese gozleme if you must know) and a show. Unfortunately there was no dancing (covid safe things) so I didn’t get the chance to show the locals my sick moves (next time). Nevertheless – I had the nicest time – my heart is so FULL.

Buttered are two beautiful boys (shoutout Scott and Jackson) from The Gold Coast who make music that’ll make you swoon (ok well music that makes me swoon). Their vibe is a delicious, coastal mix of soul, jazz, blues and funk. Kind of Matt Corby vibes. My friend said they sound like Alan Stone. Of course their name is ‘Buttered’. It’s all things smooth, gooey and LUSCIOUS. Those amazing vocals and harmonies with keys and guitar are full of grooviness. Down right delightful.


First up was Harrison R. King – a one man band that plays bluesy, acoustic goodness with a voice full of warmth and beautiful lyrics. Kind of Xavier Rudd vibes? A seriously talented guy. I picture myself listening to this music in my cabin hidden away in some beautiful mountain. He released an album called In Good Time and I really like the track Step Outside.

Next up was Bronte Eve. The queen herself. This chica is so talented. I was first introduced to her way back when I saw The Fools at the West Room earlier this year (see post here). I also saw her a couple weeks ago when she played at The Bearded Lady in Brissy (when we could actually dance). I was completely in awe of her and her powerful vocals then and on Friday night. So much range and so much sass. Her latest release is Mess I Made but I hear she’s releasing music real soon – I can’t wait! She also played a cover of Childish Gambino’s Redbone which was super groovy. I also like her song Camomile but I don’t think you can find that on Spotify so you’ll just have to trust me in that yes, it is a fab song.

Saint Lane

There was also a special guest, Saint Lane who performed a comedy bit right before Buttered. I can’t exactly remember the punchline of the joke but I do remember it was funny and I remember it being something to do with 7’s. He also performed with Buttered a bit later on (a man of many talents). Why don’t all gigs have someone doing a bit before hand to hype up the crowd?


And now for the main act — Buttered. They came onstage with a band so the sound had more layers and spices. I adored their stage presence. A bit of banter and a few jokes here in there (some of them landed, some of them might of missed their mark but were still appreciated). I love to see it. Their first song of the night was Electrify which eased us into the set. What a groovy track. They played Brown Shoes after which is one of my favs. They played a song with Saint Lane which was dope (see vid). Near the end of the night they played their latest release, Love which is a like a slice of happiness. Listening to it is like the feeling of new love – that gooey, cheesy goodness. The last song (before the encore) was Chasing Feelings which is a smoooooooth track. It’s got waking-up-on-a-sunday-morning-with-a-coffee vibe to it. After the crowd gladly welcomed them back onstage for one more song, they finished the night on a beaut cover of 50 Ways To Leave A Lover by Paul Simon. They also played a few songs that aren’t on Spotify as of yet but I have reason to believe that they are releasing some music on July 30th (if my memory is correct). So mark it in your calendars.

I was beaming of joy after leaving that gig. Lots of good things have come of that night. Firstly, that I feel very grateful to be able to be listening and experiencing live music. Secondly, that this gig is a good omen. And thirdly, that I’ve decided Buttered should play this at my wedding (currently taking applications for the groom).

clara x 2021

re: my notes on the night

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