Pacific Avenue @ West Room [18.06.21]

I’m back! This time for another gig (shocker)! On Friday night I went to see Pacific Avenue at West Room with my galpal and boy oh boy were they good! Honestly one of my fav gigs I’ve been to.

Pacific Avenue are four lovely boys coming in hot from Gerringong that play alt-rock-surfy-groovy tunes. They play that classic type of rock that’s sort of familiar (but with an extra flair) and makes you wanna bop your head or have a good old dance (the latter option preferred). The tour follows their latest release of “Easy Love” – a song about love, more importantly loving whoever you damn please.

The first band that played was Verum, a local band that plays rock-punk tunes. Listen to Hurricane for a good time. After them was The Good Love which are band from northern new south wales that play dreamy-60s-pop-rock tunes. There was a flutist. Need I say more? Ok so yes I will say more because they were amazing. They were dressed to impress too and watching them onstage jamming out was so cool. I strive to be as cool as they were. So much bloody fun. Listen to em’ – I liked Slow to San Fransisco, Jennifer Susan and Lady Lover. They did a cover of a Beatles song – which is totally checks out.

Now for the main act…Pacific Avenue. First off – they were dressed to impress. I’m talking bell bottom jeans and flowy shirts. They had an infectious energy up on stage, confident, fun and enthusiastic – which made it easy to jump around and have a boogie. My friend H was pretty keen to get into the crowd so we started off strong in amongst all of fans. We didn’t quite make it to the front but after a few songs I was ready to head further to the back to give me more room to show of my sick dance moves (and recover from the sweaty mess that was the mosh pit).

The Good Love -> Pacific Avenue: Excuse Me -> My Hero -> California Blues -> I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor -> Something Good

They started off strong, playing You: an upbeat, classic rock banger of theirs that set the scene for the rest of the night. Next up was Excuse Me which is also a banger and a real crowd pleaser. Sally (what a lady she must’ve been) was up next – a dreamy, lush song about love at first sight! What a feeling. They played one of my faves Someday Soon which feels really nostalgic. They absolutely killed their cover of Arctic Monkey’s I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Now that was a fun one to dance to. Speaking of covers, they also did a cover of Powderfinger’s My Happiness – an Aussie classic that also really suited their sound. They also nailed it. What can’t they do?

Obviously the last two songs were Easy Love and of course my favourite song of theirs: Something Good. I can’t explain how much joy this song brings me. It’s a song that I listen to when I need a good ol’ cheering up or just when I’m in a good mood (so versatile). It’s upbeat and is a tune that I wanna blast in summer with some mates. It has their signature rock but so much of that coastal/beachy goodness that I LOVE. Listen to this song. Do it.

Great night. Great vibes. And one happy Clara.

clara x 2021

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