The Grogans @ Black Bear Lodge [22.05.21]

Two gigs in a row! Saturday night I headed to Black Bear Lodge to see The Grogans. I must say, I’ve been looking forward to this gig for quite some time and it totally lived up to my expectations.

Surf rock trio The Grogans on the making of 10-track debut album Just What  You Want

The Grogans are three boyz from Melbourne (Quin, Angus and Jordan) that play indie-surfy-garage-rock. They give me Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and some type of 60s rock vibe. Absolutely delightful sound. Their latest album is called Day/To/Day, I think it’s one of my fav albums. I can listen to all of the songs without skipping so – in my books, that means it’s bloody good.

Unfortunately, yet again – I didn’t quite make the first support act. That’s on me (and that darn assignment). The first act was Radium Dolls: a rock band from Brissy. Their sound is pretty mixed: got some songs which is are quite rowdy rock (e.g. Treat) but then they have more lowkey songs (e.g. Better). A mixed bag of goodies. I did manage to catch Greatest Hits which are a super groovy kinda 70’s happy indie pop. They were super fun onstage and for the last song they got the bongo drums involved which, is always a sign of a good time. Their song Banana Moon is a bitta fun and I liked Trying.

I wish I had their set list for you, I really do. If I was bold then I would’ve simply asked them, they were hanging round afterwards. Instead I got my friend (K) to take what I thought was their set list from the stage and I was thrilled. Stowed it in my pocket. A momento! Well – as it turns out it was in fact, the Greatest Hits’s setist. My bad. I do remember them playing some of my favourites: Got a Girl (a banger), Unnecessary (this one is probably my fav off their newest album I must say its just so VIBEY with that riff and groovy beat GAH), Takin’ It Easy (makes me wanna kick back on the beach in the arvo and watch the surf) and Dead Weight. They played their classic Lemon To My Lime which feels like a love song that was made for high school type of love. Very cute. They played an acoustic version of Money Will Chase You which was really nice – everyone in the crowd knew the words so it was wholesome.

I had a fucking brill night – I had such a good night. The Grogans are an impressive band, with a great sound and cool attitude. Honestly one of my favourite bands. Look out for these boys — I reckon they’re gonna go far. Get amongst them!

clara x 2021

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