Middle Kids @ QPAC [13.05.21]

I’ll be honest in saying this week’s been tough (uni is kicking my ass) so this gig came at the right time. So off I went with my mate Z (who is a HUGE fan) and her friends to see the lovely Middle Kids. A few hours of listening/seeing some good ol live music I felt those worries disappear (for a little bit anyway). That’s always a nice feeling. And what a way to go. It was such a beautiful concert.

Today We're The Greatest
Middle Kids

Middle Kids are an alternative rock band from Sydney. Shoutout for their cool name because I too, am a middle child. They’re made up of the wonderful/talented singer Hannah Joy (boy oh boy does she bring JOY to everyone listening, also she is one of the coolest chicks out there – she’s definitely someone to look up to as a woman), Tim Fitz on bass and Harry Day on drums. The tour was in celebration of the newly released album, Today We’re The Greatest. I must say that I really enjoy listening to this album, something about it feels personal – like someone is writing you a letter.

It was at QPAC which is theatre in Brisbane where a lot of fancy musicals and fancy people go to so it was a bit strange seeing a gig there. But, I felt like given their latest album has a more mature, sitting-down-with-friends-with-a-glass-of-wine-talking-about-life-and-love vibes, it was well suited to this kind of atmosphere. The beautiful high ceilings created lots of open space for her beautiful voice to sail through the room. The whole audience fell into some kind of trance – on the edge of our seats every time they begun playing another song. The lights were epic too – lots of colours and stuff. Cool. Plus, there was some witty banter between songs that made everyone have a chuckle which is always nice and also refreshing.

The lovely Tia Gostelow was the support act. She’s an Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter from Mackay, Queensland. Super talented gal with the voice of a bloody angel. Listen to Strangers if you wanna feel like you’re living in a movie and you’re the main character.

Some of my favourite songs of the night were Edge of Town (which I think was the first song I listened to of theirs), Stacking Chairs, Questions (because they brought out trumpet and trombone players – super cool) and R U For Me? (their lead single of their latest album). They played Today We’re The Greatest, which for some reason always brings me to tears. It feels like someone is telling you that you’ve come so far, I know it’s tough but you’re doing well and you’re gonna get through it. That’s what I feel anyway. Oddly specific but anyway. You should definitely listen to that one if you need that kind of message. For the final song, Don’t Be Hiding, the band gathered at the stage and song it together, like we were all being personally serenaded. It was enough to almost bring me to tears again. It was such a great song to end with, with such a lovely message about sharing and accepting your imperfections. Middle Kids! Bringing you the music you need in your life.

clara x 2021

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