Holy Holy @ the Tivoli [25.04.21]

Another gig! Saturday night I went to see them with some pals to see the wonderful Holy Holy. Such a wholesome evening! We went to see their second session of the night – my theory that it’s always better to go to the later session. Because it was such a late gig, my friend and I ended up going for ice cream after dinner close to the venue and walked there. WHOLESOME. It was the perfect weather: a little chilly outside but nice enough indoors.

We met up with my other friends at the Tivoli and I told my friend (shoutout Z) that Holy Holy weren’t coming on until 11pm. Way past her bedtime! How oh how will she stay awake? Never fear! Queen P was the support act. That perked her (and everyone else) right up. Queen P: an African-Australian rapper who exudes confidence and has an infectious energy that would make anyone want to get up. Behind each of her songs were important messages, she discussed issues of race and being confident. Queen With Colour was pretty epic – minimalistic beats with some intense bass – you wouldn’t normally find it in my playlist but I’d add it to my playlist of feeling-like-a-bad-bleep.

First Spin: Holy Holy get sentimental in asking 'How You Been' - Music News  - triple j
Holy Holy!

Holy Holy are an indie rock duo are made up of two super talented, homegrown blokes: guitarist Oscar Dawson and vocalist Timothy Carroll. Something interesting that I was told by someone (which I had to fact check) was that they actually met as volunteer English teachers! What a cool way to start up a band. I feel like they are a staple in the Aussie indie-rock scene. Their music has evolved over the past years – transforming from a more classic indie rock into what they have become now which is far more experimental with extra layers and loops and synths and more.

Their songwriting abilities are amazing (maybe because they were English teachers?) and it actually feels like a they’re telling you a story. Their lyrics tackle lots of important issues and they’re not really afraid to confront them. Frida is a song that I felt a strong connection to – it centres around gender stereotypes and how we live in a society where girls aren’t treated the same as boys. It’s also a nod to Carroll’s own daughter, Frida (which I totally have down as a possible baby name (in the FUTURE – don’t freak out)).

I’ve actually seen Holy Holy before, at Falls Festival 2019 and loved them – but this gig was on a whole other level. It was in a closed space so it allowed for there to be more ~atmospheric if you will. Carrolls’s sweet, smooth vocals floated through the air. Dawson’s heckin good guitar skills were on full display, smashing out those solos. Their music allowed for a far more tame mosh pit – one were you didn’t get squashed but one that you could also jump around. I had such a blast singing and dancing along with everyone else. You can tell how experienced onstage – they had great stage presence, confident and relaxed.

Maybe You Know was the first song of the night and what a song to get the crowd warmed up for! It’s the first song on their album My Own Pool of Light. That and Teach Me About Dying (which they actually played last (not including the encore) which sort of tied the set up really nicely) are the two tracks from that album that I first heard and really liked. So those and Frida are my picks off My Own Pool of Light – and Faces. That’s a bop.

them playing Port Rd

Their latest song, How You Been was played with Tia Gostelow as a guest. When I first heard it I thought I would make a note of what I thought of it, knowing that I was going to see them. It was a classic Holy Holy song (indie rock kinda pop vibes) which such a strong shift from their song before Port Rd (ft. Queen P) herself which was played after. That song was definitely a wild card for the band. It had been a little while since Holy Holy had released anything and they definitely got me (and probably a lot of other people) intrigued into what’s more to come.

They played their Like a Version cover of Green Light by Lorde which the crowd loved:

For the encore they played Sentimental and Monday which, is also one of my favourites. A lyric that always stick with me is “This darkness is nothing but a lack of light”. When I listen to it and I’m feeling down I think ‘that’s true and I should be seeing it that way’. So in a way it is quite a sentimental song for me. They played it stripped down which suits the song well. There no mics and the crowd was instructed to be quiet (which wasn’t done very well – if you listen carefully to the last clip you can hear someone telling someone off). They ended on a crowd pleaser and most popular songs, True Lovers which was the best way to end the night.

faces -> starting line -> how you been -> port rd -> sentimental and monday

I had such a lovely evening. Spending time with some good friends, getting to do the thing that brings me the most joy. It’s these kind of gigs that make me feel so grateful to be here and doing this life thing. Straight up wholesome energy that whole night. Keen to see what else Holy Holy have up their sleeve…

clara x 2021

shoutout holy holy for making cool merch

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