The Fools at @ West Room [16.04.21]

It was a lovely Friday evening and it ended up to also be a celebration of me finishing an exam, getting good marks in a group assignment (which, was no easy feat) and also QLD restrictions easing. And duh it was the start of the weekend. Lots of good vibes. Your favourite pal (me) is back! On Friday night I went along to the West Room with my best pals (T & K) to see The Fools. I had such a good night! West Room is a new music venue in Brissy – very nice, very groovy, very cool place to see a show at.

I only recently stumbled across The Fools on some random Spotify playlist that had all these local Brisbane-based bands really liked their sound. Jokes on me because upon doing some digging I come to find they’re actually from New Zealand (well 3/4 of them) – so that was fake news. I was surprised only because I feel like they fit so nicely into the local music scene. They play indie-rock tunes that make you wanna tap your feet to and have a boogie. Their tracks are catchy and have catchy little riffs plus very nice vocals. All round a good time. They’re a really talented group of boys.

I would be lying if I said this was the perfect set. It was so so close to being but they didn’t play my favourite song (which, in my opinion is their best)! On Our Way is the first song I heard of theirs and is one of my fav tracks ever. It’s such a vibey song. It makes me want to spontaneously go across the world and fall in love with a stranger. It’s a song that you want to sing with your mates around a fire and reminisce and just chill out to. You should definitely listen to it. According to sources (I hear that they’re a pretty legit source too), they ran out of time. Big sad. Or maybe they just knew that I would have to see them again to hear it live?

They had a really good setlist (apart from the before mentioned hiccup) and it flowed well. The crowd was super engaged and everyone was havin a ball. It felt like they were relieved to be back playing music. After the first couple songs they were warmed up and ready for their their cover of She Wants My Money by Dominic Fike and it was SO GOOD. Like it fit their sound so well. They posted a video of them playing it on their facebook but I can’t embed it in so here’s the link ( They played Crazy which is such a vibey song – its crazy good (aHA). We heard their latest song Why You Sittin’ (like why are they sitting over there?) which is a very groovy track with some relatable lyrics. They made a wholesome music video too…

Another banger of a track that I like and the whole crowd was excited to hear was Coffee & Toast. Super catchy guitar moments in there – a real crowd pleaser. We also got a sneak peak into a few songs that I don’t think have been released yet so better keep your eyes peeled.

crazy -> why you sittin’ -> feel like you -> coffee & toast

Also! Shoutout to Bronte Eve who was supporting the fools. Such an amazing voice and very very talented. I loved Mess I Made. Powerful shit. And there was a special guest up on stage with The Fools for a couple of songs: Saul Harvey and plays in Plutos. Cool guy!

Live music never gets old. I’m going to be like 80 and my granddaughter is going to wheel me and my mates into a gig and I’m still gonna feel the same way. SO GOOD. SO MUCH TALENT OUT THERE. MUCH EXCITEMENT. I’m really keen to see what’s next for The Fools. I had the nicest time. I felt pretty chuffed that I found such a cool band. Check ’em out if you want to have a good time. Can’t wait to see them again! Here and here and here are some places you can find them. Hurrah for the live music scene in Brisbane!

clara x 2021

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