Shag Rock, Peach Fur & Selfish Sons @ the Tivoli [19.02.21]

I’m back at it again with another gig post! Last Friday night me and a few friends went to see Shag Rock, Peach Fur and Selfish Sons at the Tivoli. It was my first time seeing Shag Rock and they were bloody fantastic. The gig was completely sold out and felt like any other pre-covid gig (there was an actual mosh pit!!!). I’ve seen Peach Fur a couple of times ahem and funnily enough I’ve written a lil post about them too. Have a looksy if you wanna. I’ve also seen Selfish Son way back when I was maybe 18 or 19 (so eons ago ;)) so it was a blast from the past to see them again. It was a great night full of Brissy/Goldie bands that joined forces, creating an unforgettable night. The POWER.

Premiere: Shag Rock step outside of their comfort zone with Old School Lover
Shag Rock

Shag Rock are a local Brissy band that play groovy indie-surf-rock-pop-chill tunes. It’s made up of 4 super talented guys:, Jacob, Alex, Nick and Max. They totally live up to their cool beachy vibes – they literally have a song called Coconuts so if that’s not proof then I don’t know what is. Their music definitely makes you wanna have a boogie: full of those surfy guitar riffs, catchy lyrics and sweet sweet vocals (Jacob and Alex). Definitely some Sticky Fingers vibes in there. Their music makes me proud to be from Brisbane because how cool is it to be from the same city as these guys!

Shag Rock had a relaxed stage presence (ie wasn’t their first rodeo) – adding to their surfy/ laid-back vibe. I felt like their set list flowed really nicely (I don’t actually have it on me but just trust me when I say it did). They knew how to work the crowd – I had lots of fun dancing and jumping and swaying etc. Overall – they were really good live. No wonder the show sold out! If you get the opportunity, do yourself a favour and see them. You won’t regret it.

this playlist: Flicker -> Creaky Minds -> Deep Froth (my fav) -> Back In Our Day -> their cover of everything i wanted by billie eilish

They’ve got so many good songs. One of my favourite song of theirs is Deep Froth – such a banger. It’s catchy and kind of makes me want to road trip to the closest beach and just sit and listen to it there. Their most popular song is called Sunbleached Girl which is also a banger. But then there’s also Stacy which is a total hit when it comes to getting a party started or having a good ol groove (the real question is who is this Stacy girl?). I also really like their latest release Golden Lungs. It’s a bit more of a lowkey one – one that I was swaying to rather than jumping to at their gig. Word on the street is that they’re coming out with a new album this year! Keep an eye out for it – I can’t wait.

Review: Selfish Sons' Mainstream-Worthy Debut EP 'SixFour' | Music Is My  Muse | Australian Music
Selfish Sons!

So Selfish Sons were the first act of the night (that I saw – I didn’t quite make it to Citrus Daze sorry). They’re a three-piece (shoutout Jordy, Finn and Jonty) Brisbane-based band that plays alt-rock-pop kinda music. They give me a 1975 kinda vibe. The first time I went to see them (I think it was a gig somewhere in the valley in like 2018) I took one of my best friends. As it turns out it was the first ever gig she’d been to and she came to Friday night’s gig too so it was kinda sentimental in that way. I hadn’t listened to them for a while so when I saw them on Friday I was reminded of how good they were! They had a really energetic stage presence – they were super into it and the crowd went crazy for it (as they should). My favourite song of theirs is Broke – a classic. But they just released Anything which definitely feels like a big pop song (I can imagine it playing on the radio).

Meet The Band: Peach FurThe Creative Issue – News for Creatives
Peach Fur!

I’ve already written up a post on just how peachy Peach Fur were at their gig a lil while back. Basically they’re four uber groovy pals (Liam, Ben, Denny, and Mikey) who have a unique sound (imagine surfy rock, some psychedelic vibes, a bit of blues and reggae all blended into one). I can’t speak highly enough of them and how f*%$ing epic they are live (so if you ever get the chance to see them, you don’t wanna miss out). My friends and I managed to get pretty close to the action in the mosh pit which was pretty cool until we realised that we probably couldn’t last their whole set in there without getting accidentally punched in the face (some of those girls in there were feisty). I must be getting old if I can’t last a couple hours in the mosh (god that’s depressing). MOVING ON. Duh the set was great – they got the ‘horny boys’ (aka boys of trumpet/ saxophone) up to play a few songs (Funkn Oath (my fav song of theirs) and their cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes You” (which totally went OFFFF on Friday)). I also really liked when they played ‘Aliens‘ – they got real aliens up on stage! ~spoooky~~. You should give it a listen. Or pretty much any of their music.

I had such a good night: live music + dancing with friends = very happy Clara. Another hugely successful gig at the Tivoli! Post-covid I’m never going to take gigs for granted because they’re a damn blessing. So much good music all in one night! Happy happy days.

clara x 2021

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