Gordi @ the Triffid [05.02.21]

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! On Friday night a family friend had some spare tickets to see Gordi at the Triffid (a great Brissy music venue). I’ll be honest – I hadn’t ever heard of her before but I won’t say no to a night of live music. Gordi is an Australian singer/songwriter and her style of music is described as ‘folktronica’ (I’ve literally never heard of that genre but you learn something new everyday).

Gordi interview Sophie Payten new album Our Two Skins
the queen herself

After reading up about her and listening to her music I’ve decided that she is probably one of the coolest chicks out. She’s from country western NSW. She’s got the voice of an angel. She’s an amazing songwriter. And a doctor. This concert was part of a string of shows around Australia in celebration of Gordi’s latest release ‘Our Two Skins‘. Read up about it here and here. Something I did learn was that she used a bunch of random instruments in the making of the album like farm gates and machinery. My favourite song of hers is Extraordinary Life – its a beautiful song about giving her partner an extraordinary life. I loved it even more when she told the audience that a couple came up to her and told her that it was going to be the song the bride would walk down the aisle to. So friggen cute. Also love Can We Work It Out – the drumming irl for this song was cool.

a clip of her song ‘radiator’

The gig was sit down – which was nice because I went along with a group of people (including my dad who – much prefers to sit and appreciate the music in a more lowkey manner). The concert was well suited to a sit down setting because I felt like I could really appreciate Gordi’s music and lyricism. She sings songs that make you wanna listen closely. Plus, the setting made it all feel intimate and wholesome.

We managed to catch Jack Gray – the support act before seeing the legend herself (Gordi duh). He’s a super talented Aussie boy who plays a mix of of acoustic/ electronic/ alternative/ pop. I like his song I Got 3 – it’s pretty cute (ahem just like him) and a little soppy so just the way I like it. I didn’t quite get any decent photos or videos so enjoy this photo I found of him on the internet:

Image result for jack gray

I had a great evening. Gordi put on such an amazing show. Her amazing vocals gave me goosebumps. She has such a powerful voice and talented through her use of instruments and impressive electronic/looping use. The band that she played with was talented – mixed with the intimate atmosphere created an all round beautiful night.

I didn’t take this photo but thought I’d share it because its a great photo (by Will Johnstone)

I’ll leave you with amazing cover that Gordi performed as the last song…

clara x 2021

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