a short trip to straddie

On Wednesday morning I went off to straddie (a.k.a north stradbroke island) for a night. My longest and dearest friend, Rachel invited me over with her family because they a house over there. Rachel and I have grown up with each other – I can’t remember a time without having her in my life. Anyway – even though I wasn’t there long, I had such a lovely time! We spent our days at the beach, eating ice creams, reading, lounging around (we did this a good deal) and going on walks (I made a lil video on them).

The traditional custodians of north stradbroke island are the Nunukul, Nughi and Goenpul clans of the Quandamooka people and is known as Minjerribah. It’s basically a big sand island off of southeast Brisbane. You need to take either a ferry or water taxi to get there. I got on a water taxi to Dunwich and Rachel was kind enough to pick me up (most people get the bus into town). It takes a little while to get there but once you do its all worth it. The views are beautiful, the beaches are amazing and the whole ~vibe~ is very relaxed.

The weather on Wednesday was pretty hot and humid – perfect for morning and arvo swims. We walked from deadmans to flannagans beach – doing a good deal of walking on the beach, walking through some tracks and occasional rock hopping (pic 1/2 and first half of video).

On Thursday morning Emma, Rachel and I went off to have breakfast at the local cafe (the blue room). Afterwards we went on the gorge walk (3rd pic & second half of the video). It was pretty cloudy but it didn’t stop rachel and I having a quick swim. It was surprisingly calm and the temperature was just right – plus we were pretty much the only ones in the water.

warning: wholesome content ahead

I went home on Thursday arvo but had such a nice time. I feel so lucky that I live near such a beautiful part of Australia and that I have friends that are nice enough to let me stay with them. Hope everyone is staying well and looking after themselves.

clara x 2021

*** btw I went to straddie before qld lockdown

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