whoopsies film fail

So – I have a confession to make: I stuffed up a roll of film. When I say stuffed up I’m definitely being dramatic and I still like how the photos turned out but once I got them I felt a pang of disappointment. I then realised that I had put the wrong friggen exposure settings the whole time. I went to the beach on a super, sunny day (which is hard to capture anyway) and I set the exposure to like 8. I don’t know if it was because I haven’t used my camera in a while or it was just the sunny weather effecting my brain cells but I set the settings to the complete opposite of what I wanted/should have been set to. Instead of putting the f-stop at a higher number (meaning that there would be less light exposed in the film – which is what you want), I set the exposure to like 8 (which is a bit lower than you’d want). I probably should’ve put the f-stop to either 16 or maybe even 22. Check out my other blog post to read about me chatting more about settings and stuff. That sounds really confusing but moral of the story was that I used the wrong exposure settings.

Regardless, I had a lovely day at this beach with my friend – the water was nice and refreshing, we hung out, ate some good food and I left feeling whole again.

Here they are:

Again, I don’t think the photos are necessarily bad (in fact, as I’m looking at them all again some of them I really love) n- I’m just not as happy as I have been with other rolls of film. Normally I would start writing a post as soon as I got my roll – I held off from posting. Anyway – this post is more of a reminder to myself that its okay to make silly mistakes and that I really need to try to not be so hard on myself (new year goal?). Yeah the photos didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped but I had the best day out with my pal so who really cares. But hopefully next time I’ll get it right.

— clara x 2020 (not for much longer)

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