saturday morning strawberry picking & film dump

Last Saturday my parents and I drove out to a strawberry farm to do some strawberry picking. If anyone knows me – they know that strawberries have been my favourite food group since I was little so I was very excited. I’m the type of person who will eat a whole punnet in one sitting. We drove out to Rolin Farms in Elimbah – a bit under an hour drive from Brisbane.

There were SO MANY strawberries! I’ve never seen so many – heaven on earth. We all got 1/2 kilo punnets to fill up and it didn’t really take long to fill those bad boys up.

I had a really lovely day hanging out with the ‘rents – the weather was beautiful, the strawbs were tasty. It was a really nice way to spend my saturday morning!

Here’s some film that I took of the day:

I thought I would share some of my other film that I took on the same roll.

I’m pretty sad about how a few of the others turned out because I accidentally opened up the camera before I had finished rolling the film back up. This meant that the film was exposed in broad daylight – which is bad news. So a few of them turned out like this:

Bit of an embarrassing mistake to make – ah well. Now I know to make sure the whole film is rewound on before opening the back up…

clara x 2020

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