concrete surfers & dopamine @ the zoo

Another week – another gig. On Saturday night my friend Kelly and I went to see concrete surfers at the zoo. If you read my last blog post – you’ll know about the Zoo’s “Anti-Social” series. If you didn’t – basically is a bunch of gigs supporting local artists that are within covid restrictions. My friend and I sat at a table not too far from the action.

It was a great night all in all. I had a lot of fun having a dance (in my seat) and getting lost in the music. Everyone at the gig was grooving along to the trendy tunes and just plain ol vibing.

Dopamine started off the night with a bang. I’ve actually seen them before when they supported Last Dinosaurs – which is a pretty cool. Their sound is a combination of indie-rock, britpop and post-punk. They’re a Brisbane-based band that make songs that show a raw and vulnerable side. My favourite song of theirs is Ordinary People. It’s got some catchy hooks and groovy guitar – very very cool.


I’ve seen concrete surfers before – before covid, when I could have a real boogie. They’re a brissy-based band which always makes me feel proud to call Brisbane my hometown. They’re a bit of a rowdy band – lots of energy with a surfy-rock kinda vibe so I was nervous to see how it would all work out when we couldn’t even leave our seats. But in the end it didn’t matter. The excitement of actually being at a gig meant that not being able to dance in a sweaty mosh pit wasn’t really an issue.

One of my favourite songs is Roma Street which they played at the start of the set. If you’re from Brisbane you’ll know exactly where Roma Street (its basically one of the main train/bus stations. This song makes me feel nostalgic – it reminds me of being in high school which I hated. I did have to go into Roma Street station every morning to get to school. So this song reminds me of being moody about having to go to school. At some point I probably was blasting this exact song while waiting for the bus. It’s got that loud teenage angst that (if I wasn’t so much of a goody-too-shoes) made me consider wagging (aka skipping school) .

They also played my favourite song, Shattered Thoughts – its a mix of gritty and groovy, with a catchy chorus. The crowd went crazy for it – loving the energy that the band brought to the stage. I definitely had a good dance to that one.

I had such a blast – live music really keeps me going in life. I got to hang out with my lovely friend AND see a band that I love – I don’t think it could get much better than that. Sitting there I felt so genuinely happy and grateful that I was able to do one of the things that brings me so much joy. 10/10 night – I’m looking forward to more gigs.

clara x 2020

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