another update on my film photography

I wanted to share some of the pictures that I had developed from my last couple of rolls of film. I’ve written a couple of posts on my photography (here and here). I’m still learning but I’m having a ball.

Recently my friend, I (she’s the one you’ll see featured in a few of the photos) also just got into film photography and we went on a little trip around the Gold Coast. Here are some pictures that I took.

Takings photos on the beach is hard – but for these ones I purposely had the exposure up a little higher because I like the look of overexposed photos. It has a dreamy sort of feeling to it – vintage-looking.

I took some more when I went to the art gallery (I made a little blog post about it too). Most of these were overexposed – I’m learning that indoor photography is really bloody hard. I’m not sure how I can improve on it – I don’t remember the exact settings. All I know is that I really need to amp up the exposure settings so that as much possible light can get in.

I took some at a rally I went to. I really liked a lot of these photos and how they turned out – I think this is a lot to do with being outdoors and having natural lighting:

And finally – I took some photos when I had a little game night with me and some friends. Again, most of these photos were underexposed because they were taken indoor and it was also nighttime. I may or may not have had too many frozen margaritas which didn’t help either. Most of them are also out of focus (whoops). They did come out with a kinda cool effect though so that’s something.

I feel like this time round I was much happier with how the photos turned out. I didn’t feel as mad that I was spending almost $50 to get them all processed because I reckon around half of them were decent (#winning). I just ordered a new box of film so I’m keen to get back to taking some more photos.

clara x 2020

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