my new electric guitar

So last week I decided that I wanted to buy myself an electric guitar. It’s something that I had been thinking about for ages but I’ve only recently had enough money to actually do anything about it. I have been poking around guitar shops for years testing out electric guitars but never actually buying anything. Today was different (obviously). The guitar I went for was the “Affinity Series HSS Stratocaster” by Squier (Fender). I’m a beginner and I wasn’t really looking for a fancy electric guitar (although I did test out an expensive one and it sounded like a DREAM). I think my guitar is around mid-range in terms of price point. It actually came in a set – which included an amp as well as some other gadgety thingos (i.e. plectrums and cords etc.).

This whole thing came about when my sister and I were having brunch together (see the little pic) and were talking about what we should do with our JobKeeper money. Should we save it? Probably. Or should we spend it on something cool? I voted for the latter. Besides my dad always says that if we are spending our money it means that we are putting money back into the economy. So we’re basically helping the economy (you’re welcome). I was tossing up between buying a Nintendo Switch or an electric guitar. I decided on going for the electric guitar.

brunch with my sister

I took my dad and sister along for the ride. The guitar shop that I went to was pretty cool and there was a little room where you could test out different guitars. This was good because it meant not putting my mediocre skills on display. Especially because guitar shops always have those middle-aged men that assert their dominance by buying expensive guitars, playing fancy riffs and knowing like everything about guitars.

Now the hard part is trying to figure out how to play it. I’m lucky that I already know how to play the guitar (see my other post) – now I just need to use that knowledge and put it to good use. The guitar actually came with a code to log into FenderPlay which is a website set up by Fender to teach you how to play guitar. There are lots of skill courses and tons of songs to learn with interactive videos. Along with the guitar I get three free months of FenderPlay which is brill. Right now I’m learning La Grange by ZZ Top and Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle Club. Some other songs that I’ve saved that I wanna learn are:

  • Hold On by Alabama Shakes
  • Reptilia by The Strokes
  • Last Nite by The Strokes
  • Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine

Otherwise, I like to use Ultimate Guitar tabs which literally has thousands and thousands of tabs (btw: guitar tabs are basically another way to read music where it shows you the fingering rather than the actual pictures). You can literally search up pretty much any song you want and there will be a tab for it. I also like to sometimes use YouTube as wells as using a tab because it gives you a better idea of what you’re doing.

I made a playlist with a bunch of songs that could be cool to learn some day.

I’m still figuring out how to play electric guitar. I really want to learn how to change how the guitar sounds – that’s the next thing. It’s fun playing around with my new toy and learning new songs. I feel like I’m slowly becoming more confident and I think that will come with more practice. Here’s hoping that I’ll keep practicing.

clara x 2020

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