a new hobby

With all this extra time I have accumulated since taking a break from uni, I have decided trying both old and new hobbies is a good way to keep busy. You probably already know that I am trying out the art thing. I’m also relearning guitar (look out for that blog post) and starting to read more books. I should also add that I watch an embarrassing amount of episodes of Friends daily – seriously, it’s an addiction.

I have found that keeping myself busy with anything has helped prevent low periods – a way to distract my mind. Something else that I have wanted to try for a little while is film photography. It’s definitely not a unique hobby seeing how there is such a cult following already amongst the hipster community. I’m okay with that though. I’m not trying it out because I think it will make me seem cool or different (okay so maybe the cool thing might be part of the reason but like can you blame me?) – I want to give it a go because it has sparked my interest. It’s another hobby to keep me busy.

Yesterday I came back from work to find an old film camera left on my desk. My dad had gone to Sydney but when he was packing he found it. I was so excited. If anyone is interested – it is the Olympus Trip 35. My parents bought it at a garage sale a while back. I have started researching and learning how to use it, its features and general tips around film photography (thank you YouTube).

I think part of the reason why film photography is so cool is not knowing what you took and waiting to see how they turned out. Sure half of them might have turned out shit but the other half might turn out not that bad.

Some things that I learned was that this particular camera was that they were very common in the 60s and 70s – there were around 10 million produced. So you can find a lot around – on eBay or from your uncle who probably has one stashed in the back of his wardrobe. Apparently, the reason the camera is called “Trip” 35 is that its intended use was for holidays and “trips” because it’s compact and easy to use on the go.

The film arrived this morning! Now, I don’t really know how well the camera works or its condition or quality. The only way to test it is to take some photos and play around with the settings – and get them developed.

Who knows if this will work out – I don’t really mind if it doesn’t. It’s pretty fun regardless. I’m still learning how to be around myself all day every day – finding and learning new hobbies is a good way of doing this.

5 thoughts on “a new hobby

  1. wikipedia says:
    “The four-element Zuiko (probably Tessar-style) lens, still impressive today, gave high-quality images. If used with modern film emulsions, the results can be very good.”

    I can’t wait to see how it goes.

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