a sunday arvo walk

This afternoon I went on a walk up Mt. Cootha with two of my lovely friends (meet Kelly and T). It was a relatively cool afternoon – cool enough that I got to wear my hoodie. I had been really looking forward to spending time with my friends – it had been something like two months since I last saw them. Being in isolation is hard. Especially when face-to-face social interaction, for me anyway is such an important part of my life.

We talked almost constantly for hours – finding it hard to stop, talking about things both difficult and mundane. I was hesitant at first – I’m not at uni at the moment and I thought that that would mean we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. That was so far from the truth that I’m embarrassed that I even thought that. Uni isn’t the reason we are friends. Sure, it brought us together and all but we’re friends because we formed a connection (as lame as that may sound). It’s that kind of connection that sometimes you might take for granted and it takes things like literal social isolation for you to realise it. I hate to sound cheesy but it’s the kind of friendship that you know is going to last until you’re all old and wrinkly.

The walk up from J.C. Slaughter Falls to the Mt. Cootha was pleasant and didn’t seem to take long at all (probably because of how much talking we were doing). The summit was packed (a bit unnerving in the current climate). We didn’t really stay up there for very long – long enough to appreciate the view and how pretty Brisbane looks from a distance.

It was one of the nicest walks I have been on. Catching up with friends while exercising is relaxing and therapeutic. It didn’t really feel like we had been apart for so long once we were all together. I’m pretty lucky to have such lovely friends.

clara x 2020

Sorry that this is all a bit soppy. I can’t help myself.

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