At some point in high school, I decided I wanted a record player. I probably thought it was cool – well I still think its cool. I got a record player for Christmas when I was 15. My dad is pretty clever and he found the record player on the side of the road and fixed it up for me. He told me that it was quite the project. Five years later and it still works a treat.

I love vinyl and I hate to be the person who says ‘it sounds better on vinyl’ but I think I am that person (sorry to disappoint). I just love how records sound – there’s just something about it. I did read somewhere that vinyl sounds better because unlike MP3, it isn’t compressed down so much to fit into a file. I don’t know how accurate that is but hey I’ll roll with it. Point is – I like records.

Over the past years, I have started a small record collection. I thought I would talk about a few of my records – I can’t really pick a favourite – it’s like asking who your favourite child is. Instead of talking about them all in one post, I thought I might break it up a bit – maybe I’ll write another post talking more about the individual records – I won’t overwhelm you. Each of my records is special. That’s the thing about buying records – you are choosing ones that are special because it’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on just a record that is okay. It’s a whole ~experience~.

The World of Johnny Cash

Okay, so I thought I would talk about this one because it was the first record I bought. Technically, I got this record for my dad because I knew he liked Johnny Cash but it still counts. I actually bought this before I even had a record player. I got it when a high school friend and I went to a record fair in West End – I remember nervously looking through thousands of records that I had never heard of. Occasionally me or my friend would exclaim when we saw one we knew or she’d show me one that she knew and I’d pretend that I knew. I remember asking one of the less intimidating stall holders if they had Johnny Cash – sure enough, he did – I bought it, hoping that I seemed way cooler than I actually was. 

Adrian Eagle – MAMA

My ex-boyfriend actually got this record for me not too long ago. Such a cool looking record too. This record is particularly meaningful for me throughout my recovery – it was one of the only albums I would listen to. I couldn’t really talk that much or use much energy but I remember my dad driving me to one of the many doctor visits – I was really weak back then -, I managed to plug my phone in and play one of his songs. I hadn’t smiled for a while but I was grinning ear to ear, tapping my feet to the sweet sweet tunes. His music remained one of the few constants during a really hard time in my life.

I dragged a couple of my friends out to see him at Falls (it was at like midday in Australian summer). He radiated positivity that was contagious. During that set – I remember thinking: this has got to be one of the happiest I have felt in a while. There I was listening to some sweet tunes and having a boogie with my two closest friends – it couldn’t really get any better than that. I could keep talking about Adrian Eagle but I’ll stop – by now I could probably be President of the Adrian Eagle Fan Club. Is there one? Should I know about it?

p.s. i wrote him a message saying how cool he is and he replied

The xx – I see you 

don’t mind the finger prints lol

I got this record when I was at Splendour in the Grass 2017. I think it was the first time I went to a festival- it’s where I got my first taste of going to festivals. I got to spend two days with two of the best people you’ll meet. The record is special because it reminds me of a good time with good people. One of the headliners was The xx and I remember seeing them perform and it was magical. This record has some beautiful sounding and written songs. It’s also a sick record (it’s clear) and the packaging is equally as cool.

Splendour 2017

 The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You Than You Are of Me

This is a super special record because I actually got it signed by the lovely lead singer, Wil. I remember going to the signing by myself and feeling super nervous. I was going through a really hard time in high school and this album helped me get through it – reminding me that yeah sometimes life is pretty shitty – but it’s gonna be okay. This is such a great record – the first music that I started listening to of theirs and I love the raw honesty in the lyrics and the catchy choruses. There is a mix of energetic and softer tunes. I love every song on this album but my favourite has got to be ‘Shine’. I remember my dad and I playing this song a lot, especially when I was pretty down to cheer me up.

Records for me, are so much more than a way of listening to music. They each hold significant meaning and memory of a time in my life.

clara x 2020 

6 thoughts on “records

  1. A sad confession- I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a song on vinyl, I never understood how they could sound so different to mp3 so its interesting to hear more about them and how it can make an album all the more special listening on a record player

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  2. It’s interesting how people can enjoy different devices to listen to music on and how they add another layer of meaning. My thing is transistor radios (I actually wrote about them on my own blog so your post caught my eye).


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