new kind of art

Recently I have been trying a new kind of art in the form of portraits. I’m not sure what kind of portraits they would be classified as – much more abstract than anything that’s for sure. I love the idea of drawing life like portraits but never thought I quite had the skills. Then I decided to just give it a go, using a more abstract route. They turned out okay so I thought I’d share. I don’t really have much art background so they aren’t especially proportionate or perfect in any way but I don’t mind. There aren’t any rules when it comes to art (as lame as it sounds) – which is something that I need to continue to tell myself.

It’s easy to get caught up into what you think your art should look, well it is for me anyway. My problem is that I compare my work to others. I care way too much about what others think. I don’t think I’m the only one who has a habit of comparing themselves to others in life. Sure, it’s not always a bad thing but knowing when to stop is something that I want to get better at.

Famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse are some of the artists that I think influenced the kind of art that I would like to make. I have a board on Pinterest where I pin lots of inspiration – there are so many amazing artists and pieces of art out there that I have discovered.

I also remember in art classes in high school having to do an exercise where we would have to draw an object without lifting the pencil off of the paper. I remember always cheating when it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to or how I thought it was supposed to look like. It wasn’t until recently that I adopted a new I-don’t-really-care attitude which has allowed me to actually pick up a pen or paintbrush without fearing so much judgement. 

The steps it takes me to draw one of my portraits aren’t very fancy and I get the feeling that everyone could do it. I try not to copy a face from an image and instead just draw a face from the top of my head. In saying that, I do get lots of ideas and inspiration in my mind from pictures I have seen or people that I know (see my Pinterest board). 

I first use pencil to outline a basic shape of the face and around where I want the features to be. Then I go over with a marker and sketch out the face without lifting my pen.

My drawings are far from perfect and I’m still learning. There are still lots of things I want to do with them and skills I would love to learn and refine. I like that I can draw and paint without many expectations. Picking up a pen and just drawing, not really caring what the outcome will be, is something that I love.

clara x 2020

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