walks with freddy

Every afternoon for the past month or so I have been walking my dog, Freddy. It’s a habit that I can be proud of because I know how hard it can be to create and form new habits. I’ve also been sick so getting out hasn’t always been easy. We almost always walk the same route, never walking too far because I get tired too quickly these days.

Although I’m usually someone who gets bored easily of things, I can walk the same route for months and not get bored. walking. I think it’s because I might be walking the same route, it’s never the same because each day is different. The sky is different; it might be full of clouds or there might not be any clouds at all. The sky might be bright blue or maybe orange when the sun is setting. As someone who has always had such infatuation with clouds and the sky, walking around is the best way to appreciate them.

Getting out and walking around has become so much more enjoyable since isolation. Having a dog to walk has become such a privilege, an excuse for me to go out and stretch my legs. I’ve definitely been seeing things a little differently since iso’ that’s for sure.

Walking Freddy is one of my favourite things to do. (I should write a disclaimer saying that our family dog Paddy grandad so he can’t get out as much as he would like. But when he does I love walking with him equally.) I could so easily write whole blog posts on Freddy because he’s one of the brightest light of my life. I know that sounds awfully cheesy but he has gotten me through rough times and been there for me in my happiest days.

Freddy is a happy-go-lucky kinda dog. I’ve never met a dog so incredibly smart and yet so dumb at the same time. Like me, he isn’t particularly street smart. He’s the type of dog that will chase his tail and catch it, then not know what to do. He’s the type of dog that bounce around in the backyard, chasing shadows of birds and butterflies for hours. He is also the type of dog that sits and watches the tv when there is any kind of animal with such interest and patience. He learns quickly – my sister taught him how to shake before he was even eating solid foods. He is great to walk with, always smiling always there.

meet freddy, my bff

Recently I started listening to podcasts while I walk, specifically Better Than Yesterday by Osher Günsberg. It’s gotta be the best podcast out – check it out if you wanna interesting, inspiring conversations about life.

I think I love walking Freddy because it makes me feel calm and centred in a world that can be scary and confusing. It’s one of those constants in my life that I only really appreciate when I sit down and think about it. I should probably do that more often.

clara x 2020

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