A little while back I noticed I was getting more nightmares than I thought was normal. Now that I think my sleep is more on track and I haven’t been having any nightmares I thought I might chat about it and my experiences. I should warn you that they may or may not disturb you – I’ll try not make it too spooky.

The two main ones I was having involved a creepy man (classic). They used to always take place in my bedroom. The trick was that, they were so realistic that it was difficult for me to tell, whether I was even dreaming or not. I would wake up in the dream (which made it all the more confusing as one could imagine) and realise that my bedroom window is open, which of course, was weird. So I would start closing them but, just before I finished, a male voice coming from in the darkness in my closet says “thanks for closing them, I was getting cold”. He would rush toward me and, of course during that time I would forget how to use my speech function and then that was the end. That dream repeated a few times in the night before I could relax and actually sleep.

The other one was very similar but instead of the creepy man appearing in my room, he was outside. So perhaps slightly less bad. He would appear in my window as some kind of surprise attack and of course the same thing would happen – forgetting how to scream or shout or yell out for help. That would be the end of the dream. Again, this would happen a few times.

I remember when it got bad, my younger brother (bless him) sat in my bedroom and played on his computer until I fell asleep. Not only this, when I woke up after the nightmares I would call him up and get him to check my room to be super sure that there was no way anyone could be there. It might sound silly but, it was very reassuring having a real life person to tell you that it wasn’t real. He did then try and give me advice for next time to check if my dream was it was real or not which involved some kind of trick with my toes? I’m not entirely sure about the toe part and I definitely wasn’t listening when he was explaining it. He definitely read it on the Internet and I definitely won’t be using it in the future. Also the fact that I’m not actually in control of my body in my dream so I can’t quickly pause the scene to check if I can cross my big toes onto the second toe. But nonetheless it sweet of him. 

I’m pretty stoked that I’m not having these nasty dreams anymore. Hopefully it’ll stay that way (for a while anyway). Stay tuned for what I found when I tried to understand why I was having these dreams.

clara x 2020

{featured image: a picture I took along the sea cliff bridge in NSW (it’s really lovely there – would recommend)}

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