I think I’ve always had an adoration for clouds. There’s something about looking up into the sky on a clear or cloudy day that brings a sense of peace and calmness to me. I think the sky is beautiful no matter the time or day or weather or season. I love how clouds unique fluffs of whiteness that gently move along, against a coloured background. I remember learning about clouds in primary school and lying down on the pavement with my class to spot the clouds and figure out what they were classified as. I find myself looking more abstractly at the clouds instead of trying to spot what kind of animal or character or object etc. each cloud resembled. Don’t get me wrong, I still see different animals and object but on top of that I just sort of see the cloud as it is.

I don’t know enough about clouds and the weather to give scientific explanations on the how and why clouds form, or types of clouds there are etc. But researching more about them is something that I would like to do more of at some point in my life. At some points in my life I have thought about studying at uni because of how much I love to clouds. Right now, formally studying isn’t out of the question but I do think that it could subtract from how pleasant I find looking at them. Although having more knowledge seems like a good idea, I fear it could take away from my abstract view of clouds and the sky that holds them. 

I like to take photos of the sky when I’m outside, usually walking my dog when I notice something in particular that draws my attention. This has been happening almost every time I’m out recently because I think my appreciation of the sky and nature in general has grown since been in isolation. Not leaving the house for so many hours in the day means that anything other than that the painted grey walls of my bedroom or the white ceiling, takes my fancy. 

I love everything about clouds and the sky. They bring me joy and I feel lucky that I get to stare at the sky long enough for people around me to feel uncomfortable. Here’s to many clouds and skies.

clara x 2020

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