my style of art + youtube video

Mornings, for me are my favourite time of the day. On days like today, the sun is out (mostly) and if you’re lucky, so are the lawnmowers. Most mornings like today I find the urge to do something creative. My favourite kind of creativity is art which is mostly drawing and water colouring. I think you might like to call it a contemporary style? I wouldn’t really know how to specifically classify it because the style of art I decide to do depends on my mood, the time of the day or generally what I’m “vibin'”.

The kind of art that I have been doing recently is calm in the way that it’s as if I’m telling myself: everything is going to be okay, grab a pen and do whatever you feel, you’ll be okay. It may all seem a bit cliché but that’s the honest truth, sue me if you want (but don’t).

Today, videoed myself doing some art outside on the deck and I made it into a YouTube video – which you’re more than welcome to watch. Half an hour into just one minute. It doesn’t include my internal monologue deciding which shade of green is more appropriate to match a particular shade of yellow. I also chose to not include the part where I sneeze and as a result, throw my headphones off my head and onto the table. I’m always open to feedback.

clara x 2020

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