finger painting in isolation

Today was a warm and sunny day in isolation and, like every morning I had a rush of excitement to do something. It’s like an urge to do something more than anything as I know that time is of the essence before I lose the energy. The morning is for me, a special time of the day. 

My oldest and dearest friend whom I have known my life happens to also be my neighbour which, in these times happens to be the biggest blessing. We messaged each other for a bit and then decided to take the conversation over the fence. This is a huge throwback to my childhood. We would chat over the fence for a bit before we decided to hang out together which required one of the sides to ask permission from our parents. This wasn’t any different to what I did today except rather than getting permission for her to come over it was asking permission to come over in the pandemic. Not really that much different.

I had decided that we should do something art-related. I wasn’t sure what exactly but it was nice to have some sort of excuse to bring us together. I brought together all my art supplies and we set up a space outside on the deck. She brought some of her supplies which, included delicious homemade brownies as a peace offering of which, I gladly accepted. It must have been her idea that we do finger painting rather than ‘normal’ brush paintings.

I don’t care how old you are, finger painting is for everyone. As a twenty year old like me you might think it is for children – well I’m the one who will prove you wrong. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily classify finger painting, as a typical kind of art that I want to be doing for the rest of my life. However, I do classify it as a kind of art therapy in a way. There are no rules in finger painting (you could argue this being the rule in art and also – life) and I, for some reason, find calm in all the mess. The mess represented a freedom of sorts where I wasn’t bound by the rules of some forms of art and had choice in what I was painting. The idea is: you can do whatever you want. So there we were, two old friends either side of the table, finger painting and chatting. It was bliss.

For me, art means freedom and escapism. In all its forms it is beautiful and hopefully I can keep learning about it.

clara x 2020

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