Daily J @ The Brightside [6.10.22]

It’s that time again! Another gig post. On Friday night I was lucky to see Daily J with my friendos Katy and Lara. I did indeed a have a very nice night. Lots of dancing to good music, some dumplings and ice-cream at the end (totally worth the power walk to Messina at 11pm). You can’t tell me that that isn’t the definition of a good night.

In true Clara style, we missed the first support act, Cheap Date. This doesn’t mean I didn’t want to see them! I swear! This is only due to my poor time-management skills. They have a really nice, floaty 80s but also kinda rock vibe to them. I like their song Beside Me.

(Big Dinner)

The next support act was Big Dinner. They’re a band from good ol Brisbane (shoutout). They play jazzy, pop, psychy music. They played some goodies like Four Leaf Clover and Clouds. Unfortunately, I don’t think they played Displacement (unless I have some kind of memory loss which is totally a possibility) which is my favourite of theirs so I’d recommend a listen!

(Daily J)

Alright! Now for the main act of the night Daily J! They’re a super cool band that come all the way from New Zealand. The band is made up of three brothers: Jesse, Jay and Johnny (the J version of Kardashians apparently and hence the J in Daily J) and funnily enough friendos who conveniently go by Jick and Juney. What a coincidence. They play indie-rock-psych-vibey-summery tunes that is a real treat for your ears. They remind me of fellow NZ boys, Mako Road (who are SADLY no longer together).

They were a really fun band to see on stage – it always makes it 10x better when the band you’re watching on stage looks so stoked to be there. I was STOKED also. They did say Brisbane was the best city (?) which is a bit controversial considering it’s a bit of a granny city. To be fair, I think this is their first time in Australia so maybe they were just jetlagged.

They started off the night with a banger, Letting Go to get the crowd warmed up and followed through with Skylah. Skylah, if you’re out there, thanks for doing your part in the making of this song. They followed that with one of my favs: By the Sea. Which, you guessed it, makes me want to be by the sea – it’s got some upbeat guitar, bits of synths that come and go and some definite under-the-sea vibes. And my absolute favourite of theirs came afterwards… Superkiller. Something about the shweet sax and reggae kinda vibes, makes it a massive banger in my books. They played Space, another great song of theirs. Of course, they played their latest single, Stay.

Their latest song Stay (be warned, there is some seriously COOL dance moves)

A super cute song they played was Talking to You. Daw. My new favourite. Thank god they came back on for the encore to play the fan favourite (rightly so) Left Me Like Summer – it’s got the catchy guitar riffs, catchier lyrics and an all round good time (even though yes, upon further inspection the song seems to have a much sadder, deeper). They finished the night with a classic, Black Lagoon.

Such a good night! Daily J! Australia loves you!

clara x 2022


A Chat About Brain Injuries with Kyle

Hey everyone! Today’s blog post is a little different to the usual content that I post. I’m currently in my fourth and final year as an Occupational Therapy Student and part of one of my assignments is to do ‘One Small Action’. I thought a lot about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to promote change. I decided to raise awareness about brain injuries in young people and accessibility. I’m someone who loves going out with friends and this made me think about people like Kyle, who don’t get the same chance as I do.

Kyle is a 21-year-old from Brisbane who experienced a severe brain injury as a result of a car crash in January 2020. He was 18 at the time of the accident. He spent around thirteen months in the Princess Alexandra Hospital. He stayed in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit (BIRU) for around eight months and an additional five months at the Jasmine Unit.

Kyle has come a long way since his injury and overcome countless challenges. When he first came into hospital, he was told he would never be able to eat solid food or get around without a power wheelchair. Now he’s enjoying weekly hamburgers, attending university and only using a walking stick. How did he make it here? He’s just as impressed as you will be.

Kyle (Left)

I was fortunate to sit down with Kyle and chat a bit about how his life has changed since his brain injury. Kyle brings to light a positive attitude towards his brain injury.

“It’s not about why you get knocked down, it’s about how you get back up”

Even though he has come a long way, he says it definitely wasn’t an easy one. He describes his hospital experience to be extremely challenging, especially since it was throughout the peak of COVID-19. Kyle spoke about the shock and frustration he felt when he woke up in hospital, “the weirdest f***ing thing”. As for COVID-19, it made having visitors in very, very difficult.

Kyle talks about how others’ perceptions of him have changed since he was able to to get around using a walking stick. He’s happy that it only looks like a broken leg to save funny looks from people. In saying that, when people ask what happened to his leg or arm he responds with:

“Oh, it’s much worse than that”

“It’s a long story”

Something we spoke a lot about is Kyle’s enthusiasm for a good party. Before his accident, he would go into town to hit all the best clubs in Brisbane with friends. Sure, some things have changed but his attitude towards parties hasn’t changed much. There are a few things that are holding him back from getting back out there. Although he’s out of his wheelchair and more recently without his AFO (moon boot), he is still considered a high falls risk. Couple that with the fact that most places have an unreasonable amount of stairs, means that he hasn’t been out since his accident. Sure, some places have railings on the stairs but it is often only on one side. Kyle’s left side is weak since the accident meaning he can either go up or down, not both. He shouldn’t have to rely on his friends to carry him up or down (even though they’re happy to).

There is an estimated 18% of Australia’s population (around 4.4 million people) who have a disability (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2022). That’s a lot of people! Everyone has the right to accessibility (United Nations, 2006). This means not only to places you might think are necessary (e.g., work, school, transport) but also places where you go to have fun (e.g., clubs, restaurants, bars etc.). The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) says that you can’t discriminate against people with disabilities. Having places that aren’t accessible for people with disability is a form of discrimination. Unfortunately and frustratingly, established places can technically say it’s going to impose ‘unjustifiable hardship’. Meaning that, it’s too hard sorry we can’t do it.

Kyle’s attitude towards life can be understood through the advice he would give someone who is in a similar position to himself:

“Just keep pushing on mate”.

We as a society should also be pushing on. Pushing for more accessible venues and pushing for equal rights. There are so many great resources and organisations that advocate for disability accessibility. It’s honestly a bit overwhelming on the amount that’s out there. Here are some I would recommend:

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations


This is a Disabled People’s Organisation. It is made up of lots of different organisations. They are the national voice representing people with disability. They provide policy advice and representation to government and organisations on issues that impact the lives of people with disabilities.

Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion (QAI)


QAI is an independent advocacy for protection and advancement of people with disability. They advocate through campaigns and submissions at policy reform.

If you want to read a speech that changed my life by Dr Ben Gauntlett (The Disability Discrimination Commissioner): https://humanrights.gov.au/about/news/speeches/critical-task-changing-community-attitudes-towards-disability

This is a great video by Stella Young. She talks about how people with disabilities aren’t always visible. ‘For a lot of us, disabled people are not our teachers or doctors or manicurists’. They’re also not at the club having drinks with their mates. Lack of easy access to venues right now makes that really hard.

These resources are in no way exhaustive and I encourage you to please do some of your own research and stay informed on what’s happening in your world.

clara x 2022

life updates + loads of film

Hello hello! It’s almost August. Life has been a little bit crazy. As I’m finishing up my last big uni break, I thought I’d do a little bit of a catchup with a bunch of photos I have accumulated over the past month or so.

Over the past year I have developed newfound love of hosting dinner parties. I have had so far 4 successful parties (according to very reliable reports). Dinner parties work really well when all your friends are so goshdamn kind and helpful (daw). After I finished my placement a few months ago I hosted a ravioli making party. SO CUTE.

Recently, I hosted a Mexican dinner party which was delightful. Unfortunately I don’t actually have any photos of the food but trust me when I say, it was delicious (many reliable and valid reports of this). I do however, have a cheesy photo of all my friends dressed in gingham (in accordance to the dress code).

I went on a very exciting trip to Sydney with my three beautiful friends Cleo, Katy and Lara (try saying that five times fast). My Aunty Becky was kind enough to let us all stay at hers (lucky us). We had a blast exploring Sydney and hanging out. It is all very wholesome and very mushy to realise you have friends that are happy to put up with you for a week. I blame our healthy boundaries and love of knitting and dance academy for the success.

I got to take some black and white photos using my film camera (I don’t remember exactly the kind of film apart from the fact that it was indeed black and white) for the first time which, turned out pretty well. I felt they could have been a bit better but in response to me saying this my friends shot me down with the classic you’re-too-hard-on-yourself (maybe so) and my Dad went with the classic the photo-developers-might-not-be-the-best. In saying this, here are some that I like a lot…

I used an extra special roll of kodak portra 120 (I think) on these colour ones and I absolutely fell in love with how (most of them) turned out. I LOVE THEM.

Here are some non-film photos I took and film photos I didn’t take myself from Sydney which I also love.

Other things I’ve been up to: gigs. I’ve been to some gigs (see my last post) and another one I didn’t write up (sorry not sorry but I saw the Grogans again at the Zoo – see this blog post I did on them a little while back). I’ve also been to many a hot girl walks, finished numerous puzzles, watched lots of Love Island (UK version obviously) and become slightly more competent in my knitting abilities. I went to Splendour in the Grass(/Mud) with my friend T. I was super stoked to be going back to festivals (especially after day one Splendour was cancelled… I am still not over missing Gorillaz)! Sure, it wasn’t ideal weather for it (torrential rain leading to the huge amounts of mud everywhere) and sure, there was more waiting than I had ever done in my life (waiting for over three hours for the bus to get back to our accommodation) but I was so happy to be there. We managed to see Oliver Tree, Violent Soho, Jack Harlow, Glass Animals and The Strokes. Lots of boogies and lots of good times.

clara x 2022

Teenage Dads & Royel Otis @ the Zoo [29.05.22]

My oh my! I haven’t done a blog post in yonkadoodles – life gets in the way sometimes. But here we are. Last night was a perfect way for me to reincarnate myself and my blog writing days by going to see Teenage Dads at the Zoo on a Sunday evening. I had a very wholesome night full of good tunes, dumplings and ice-cream (note the dumplings and ice-cream were not included in gig ticket but would recommend as a pre for any gig).

Teenage Dads (you should know – from my extensive research (aha) they aren’t actually teenage dads but all the power to dads who are actually teenagers) are four beautiful boys coming in hot from the Mornington Peninsula that make tunes that are fruity-indie-pop-rock-synthy sounding. They give you glimpses of Vampire Weekend and the Stokes vibes. The band gives off a friendly energy. Golden retriever energy. They make music full of catchy melodies, delicious vocals, cool synth stuff, zesty drumming and some very cool guitar riffs. They also produce/mix/record/do cover art mostly themselves which is so cool! This tour was in celebration of their latest single, Exit Sign.

Support act: Royel Otis

The support act of the night was Royel Otis – a groovy band from Sydney that play 90s kinda indie-psych-pop vibes. Very cool. They were energetic onstage and found their groove after a couple of songs. I really liked Oysters In My Pocket and Only One.

Teenage Dads

OKAY. The main act: Teenage Dads. They had a really fun stage presence – lots of funky dance moves and getting the crowd involved. You could feel how happy they were to be on stage which made everyone in the crowd engaged and ready for a boogie. They said it was one of their biggest out of state gigs so that was exciting all round. They played Thank You for the Honey, Honey to start the night off to get everyone in the groove for a good night. They played a couple of unreleased songs which is always a treat. Some of their earlier music, Steven’s Game and It Belongs to Us made a sweet appearance also. For a change of pace, they played Drunken Soldier, alongside Come On, Cowboy. Fire your Gun!, which is high energy dancey song (effects enhanced by dancing with finger guns).

Obviously, they played Exit Sign which is a major hit in my books – super catchy and kinda feels like a main character moment. They played Sunburnt which is their most popular for a reason – Summer vibes driving home from the beach but works for all seasons and all occasions. They played Piano Girl which is a real BOP.They finished the night on my favourite song, Cheerleader – it feels bright and upbeat (but I think it might be more of a thinker).

Thank god for good friends (hey Katy) and live music. Balance has been restored in Clara’s universe. Teenage Dads are becoming a major name in the Australian music scene (we love to see it) and I’m super excited to see them again supporting Spacey Jane. Good times are ahead. Stay tuned.

some bits from the night

clara x 2022

this is your friendly reminder to buy merch to support your fav local band

Paper Kites & Hollow Coves @ The Princess Theatre [27.01.22]

First gig of ’22. Can you believe it? This year will be my second year writing blog posts! On Thursday night I went off to see Paper Kites and Hollow Coves with a good friend of mine (S) and what a lovely night it was! We saw them for their first show of the night (which has pros and cons – pros mainly to do with getting home to bed earlier and cons mainly to do with awkward timing for dinner). I had been looking forward to it for a while (it was postponed due to everyone’s least favourite friend aka covid).

If I were to choose one word for the night it would be cinematic. Truly. It was also super exciting because Princess Theatre has newly opened and it is such a beautiful venue! It’s Queensland’s oldest-standing theatre. It only reopened in October last year so it was pretty cool to see it host live music. The atmosphere of the night was magical – excellent acoustics if you ask me.

It was the first time Paper Kites had performed in two years which was exciting to bear witness to. I saw them aeons ago with my dad so I had an idea of what they were like but it was nonetheless BREATHTAKING. Hollow Coves were also an absolute delight to have onstage to prep the audience with some beautiful acoustic ballads.

Paper Kites !

Paper Kites are a talented bunch from Melbourne that play delightful indie rock-folk-pop tunes. They’ve been around a little while now (formed in 2009) and released their fifth album last year (Roses). Their album Roses features 10 talented female artists. Listen to Paper Kite’s podcast ‘Between The Houses‘ for more details on that album. It’s also just a nice podcast. Their sound has changed a bit over the years as any band does. What began as quite folky from their first album ‘Bloom’, transformed into sadder, yet equally as beautiful pop-folk kinda music. Music that is well-suited to a bus ride home at night or a quiet night in (that could be just me).

Hollow Coves

Hollow Coves started the night off… They’re an indie-folk-acoustic duo representing Brisbane in the best way. They played a lovely, intimate set, chatting of sweet anecdotes about different songs along the way. My favourite song of theirs is definitely their most popular song, Coastline. If you want to hear a song to cheer you up and reflect on all the goodness that life has in store for you, amid challenging times – listen to Blessings.

Like I said — Paper Kites produced a cinematic performance. A real treat. Everything was well thought out. Not only was a super talented band up on stage playing but they were backed by crisp sound quality, alongside stage lights that highlighted different vibes of the songs. Sam and Cristina’s beautiful voices echoed throughout the theatre. Chills. All night. They have so many good songs but they only have so long on stage!

They played one of my favourite songs Electric Indigo with matching INDIGO lights. Very cool. They brought out the banjo to play another of my favs, St. Clarity. They played the track Climb on Your Tears (feat. Aoife O’Donovan) from their latest album which stuck out to me for its thought-provoking lyrics and dreamy guitar.

Once they had eased the crowd in, they got the crowd involved in the singing which I LOVE. When everyone in the theatre was singing the words ‘by my side’, in their song By My Side (feat. Rosie Carney) I could’ve burst with joy. Although, I will say – the crowd could’ve put a little more oomph in but look, we were all a bit nervy, it was a Thursday night and we probably hadn’t all had our dinner yet (myself included). They played Bloom, near the end of the night – the whole band gathered around the microphone and serenaded the audience. Catchy and cute. Tick and tick.

It hurts me to flaw Paper Kites in any way shape or form. But alas, I have to be honest with you. They did not play an encore. I repeat. They did not play an encore. My heart was shattered. Just kidding. Remember, I got to go home at a decent hour meaning I had enough time to play wordle with my dad before the night was over. I might also add, I don’t believe they played Woodland which, is a fantastic song. You should listen to it (amongst all the other linked ones), it’s more upbeat – I imagine myself running through a field of daisies. However, Paper Kites can really do no wrong in my books.

This gig well and truly restored my faith in the magic of live music (it never really left). I will continue to say that going to live music brings me so much joy and I hope will continue to do so. A marvelous evening watching a marvelous band with a marvelous friend. What more can a gal want?

clara x 2022

Fraser Bell & Girl and Girl @ Black Bear Lodge [20.11.21]

Crikey! I cannot believe it has been so long since I last wrote a gig post. As per usual, life has been particularly busy. Plus, if I’m being completely honest, a few gigs I was really looking forward to were postponed (shoutout covid) which left me feeling bleh about it all. But you’re in luck because I went to a great gig last night and it has indeed inspired me to write a little post on! On a Saturday night I went off to see Fraser Bell at Black Bear Lodge and it was a hoot and a half.

The night didn’t exactly go smooth sailing when one of my friends rocked up without having bought a ticket. Pre-covid, this wouldn’t be an issue because there would likely be some last-minute tickets at the door. Unfortunately, there weren’t, even after my friend pouted and was on the verge of TeARs (I’m kidding). Shoutout Z for being a legend and accepting her fate. But never fear! There will always be another gig (and the sneak peak is that we will be going to a big one soon).

Fraser Bell

SO – cut to the chase Clara. Fraser Bell is/are a Brisbane-based artist that plays indie-guitar-pop-rock. His singing style is the kind of talk singing. This kind of singing reminds me a lot o f Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever who, I’m a huge fan of. This sound also reminds me a bit of Courtney Barnett. When you listen to them you’ll know what I’m talking about. The lyrics are witty and the guitar is upbeat and catchy. Very cool and very Australian.

There were two support acts: Girl and Girl and Nicole McKinney. Unfortunately, as per usual I did in fact miss Nicole McKinney because I am unable to get ready on time. BUT upon listening to some of her songs – I really wish my time management skills were better. She has a beautiful voice and sings dreamy indie-pop. I like her song Stay.

girl and girl

Next up was Girl and Girl. Now, I was really looking forward to seeing them because I missed out on seeing them a little while ago when they played at the Junk Bar a little while ago. I’m a fan. Girl and Girl are a Gold Coast/Brisbane band who play grunge-alternative-rock-punk music. They remind me a bit of The Smiths or Bowie and some good old 70s (? maybe 80s) Aussie rock. Their honest lyrics kinda remind me of Goon Sax another great local band. Very very cool. Also, I have to bring attention to their drummer who is the coolest lady. She’s the Aunty of one of the other band members and she emulates the ultimate cool-girl vibes. I LOVE IT!

Girl and Girl had a great stage presence and energy! There were some golden tracks they played from their newly released EP: A Typical Friday Night which I love. They played my fav song at the moment, Shame It’s Not Now – which, everyone should listen to. The lyrics are funny and honest, the tune is catchy – an all-round good time. It was definitely a crowd favourite and best believe I was having a boogie. After playing this song they played another banger – Ocean Song, also very groovy. The guitar riff is cool so check that one out. After that one was Doctor Marten, another cracker. To my displeasure, they did not do an encore (since when did bands actually run on time?) and after confirmation of the setlist, they did not play another of my favourite songs White Tiles. I’m not sure what the story was but you should definitely listen to it regardless! It’s got a real edge to it and is their most popular song for a reason.

Now onto Fraser Bell. He was up on stage with a band and a special guest (shoutout eloela). This gig was celebrating his newest release, Still Spinning, which is full of catchy guitar and groovy beat. Very cool. Fraser Bell’s music was well suited to a more low-key audience (although some people did try and mosh… it didn’t quite work out). This meant it worked out well with the venue – a more low-key kinda vibe. He played one of his older songs, Royal Festival Hall which – you guessed it: about meeting someone (shoutout) at the Royal Festival Hall. There is definitely more background to the song but there ya go. He played Rush, which I think was the first song I heard of his that made me think – dang this is catchy. I love the guitar to this one! Their last song was Ode to Anxieties, which also catchy but also strongly emotionally charged. I think this one is my new favourite.

I had a fab night as always. Long live brissy music! Good tunes and good company.

clara x 2021

clara x 2021

juicy film dump

Golly gosh! I haven’t posted in real hot minute! Life has been busy! There’s been a lack of gigs (ok well that’s not completely true, I have been to a couple but they didn’t really count because I either showed up late or was too just didn’t write one up). Hoping to go to some soon so stay tooned.

That being said! Here are some film pics that I’ve taken ;)…

These are from a trip I went to visit a friend and her bub!

These are from a hike I went on with my dad and sister!

I went to the gold coast with my best friends!

Here are some from when I went to Hobart…I went to Hobart? Yes, yes I did. It was fun! I had the loveliest time! Friendos and familios!

Here are some from my uni ball…where I was completely sober the whole night

Here are some ‘fails’ (because they are inevitable and they’re also fun to look at). I kind of love them.

Well well well. That was a lot of film to scroll through. Congrats if you made it through. I have a lot to be grateful of at the moment. Lots of good friends – some new friends (!) and some old friends (<3) and family and good music and things coming up and things ending WHEW!

clara x 2021

Buttered, Bronte Eve & Harrison R. King @ Miami Marketta [16.07.21]

It’s a good day for another gig post! This time in the Gold Coast (#claragoescoastal). I was in the neighbourhood on a Friday night, obviously I was gonna scope out a gig for me and my pals (my duty as a friend and human). Low and behold I see that Buttered were playing that same night. I only recently stumbled across them so I was keen to see them. Miami Marketta is such a cool venue at the Gold Coast. There were night markets with SO much delicious food so that meant dinner (I had spinach and cheese gozleme if you must know) and a show. Unfortunately there was no dancing (covid safe things) so I didn’t get the chance to show the locals my sick moves (next time). Nevertheless – I had the nicest time – my heart is so FULL.

Buttered are two beautiful boys (shoutout Scott and Jackson) from The Gold Coast who make music that’ll make you swoon (ok well music that makes me swoon). Their vibe is a delicious, coastal mix of soul, jazz, blues and funk. Kind of Matt Corby vibes. My friend said they sound like Alan Stone. Of course their name is ‘Buttered’. It’s all things smooth, gooey and LUSCIOUS. Those amazing vocals and harmonies with keys and guitar are full of grooviness. Down right delightful.


First up was Harrison R. King – a one man band that plays bluesy, acoustic goodness with a voice full of warmth and beautiful lyrics. Kind of Xavier Rudd vibes? A seriously talented guy. I picture myself listening to this music in my cabin hidden away in some beautiful mountain. He released an album called In Good Time and I really like the track Step Outside.

Next up was Bronte Eve. The queen herself. This chica is so talented. I was first introduced to her way back when I saw The Fools at the West Room earlier this year (see post here). I also saw her a couple weeks ago when she played at The Bearded Lady in Brissy (when we could actually dance). I was completely in awe of her and her powerful vocals then and on Friday night. So much range and so much sass. Her latest release is Mess I Made but I hear she’s releasing music real soon – I can’t wait! She also played a cover of Childish Gambino’s Redbone which was super groovy. I also like her song Camomile but I don’t think you can find that on Spotify so you’ll just have to trust me in that yes, it is a fab song.

Saint Lane

There was also a special guest, Saint Lane who performed a comedy bit right before Buttered. I can’t exactly remember the punchline of the joke but I do remember it was funny and I remember it being something to do with 7’s. He also performed with Buttered a bit later on (a man of many talents). Why don’t all gigs have someone doing a bit before hand to hype up the crowd?


And now for the main act — Buttered. They came onstage with a band so the sound had more layers and spices. I adored their stage presence. A bit of banter and a few jokes here in there (some of them landed, some of them might of missed their mark but were still appreciated). I love to see it. Their first song of the night was Electrify which eased us into the set. What a groovy track. They played Brown Shoes after which is one of my favs. They played a song with Saint Lane which was dope (see vid). Near the end of the night they played their latest release, Love which is a like a slice of happiness. Listening to it is like the feeling of new love – that gooey, cheesy goodness. The last song (before the encore) was Chasing Feelings which is a smoooooooth track. It’s got waking-up-on-a-sunday-morning-with-a-coffee vibe to it. After the crowd gladly welcomed them back onstage for one more song, they finished the night on a beaut cover of 50 Ways To Leave A Lover by Paul Simon. They also played a few songs that aren’t on Spotify as of yet but I have reason to believe that they are releasing some music on July 30th (if my memory is correct). So mark it in your calendars.

I was beaming of joy after leaving that gig. Lots of good things have come of that night. Firstly, that I feel very grateful to be able to be listening and experiencing live music. Secondly, that this gig is a good omen. And thirdly, that I’ve decided Buttered should play this at my wedding (currently taking applications for the groom).

clara x 2021

re: my notes on the night

another roll of film!

Howdy folks! I haven’t written a post in a little while – mainly because I haven’t been to any gigs recently (shoutout covid) but I’m on uni holidays right now so I’ve had a fair bit of time to myself. I was originally planning on going to Sydney to see family and hang out. Covid had other plans so that fell through. In the meantime, I’ve been hanging out with friends, going to the beach and keeping myself busy at home. I have been taking photos with my new camera (Olympus OM-2) and I thought I’d quickly share them.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on film photography, you’ll probably notice a bit of a theme. That is, the photos I take are mainly when I go to the beach. It feels natural for me to take photos here because there’s always some cool landscape to shoot or other beachy things. I’m not really the type of person to take my camera everywhere because I don’t think I have the eye for spotting locations and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I would like to try different kinds of photography in the future so watch this space.

Anyway – my dad, sister and I went to Bribie Island with the dogs a couple of weeks ago and I took some photos:

And then I also went to Burleigh Heads (one of my favourite beaches nearby). I didn’t get that many photos here because I ran out of film and wasn’t organised enough to bring another one. Whoopsies.

I quite like how they turned out! I still need to work on taking straight photos but that can always be adjusted. I still need to work on actually learning how to use it. I haven’t really been changing the aperture or anything so I definitely need to get on that. I’m not an expert and I don’t really plan on becoming one. I do it for fun, I like the photos that I take and that’s that. But there’s always room for improvement. That’s all for today folks but I’m in the middle of shooting a new roll of film so I’ll keep y’all posted.

clara x 2021

Pacific Avenue @ West Room [18.06.21]

I’m back! This time for another gig (shocker)! On Friday night I went to see Pacific Avenue at West Room with my galpal and boy oh boy were they good! Honestly one of my fav gigs I’ve been to.

Pacific Avenue are four lovely boys coming in hot from Gerringong that play alt-rock-surfy-groovy tunes. They play that classic type of rock that’s sort of familiar (but with an extra flair) and makes you wanna bop your head or have a good old dance (the latter option preferred). The tour follows their latest release of “Easy Love” – a song about love, more importantly loving whoever you damn please.

The first band that played was Verum, a local band that plays rock-punk tunes. Listen to Hurricane for a good time. After them was The Good Love which are band from northern new south wales that play dreamy-60s-pop-rock tunes. There was a flutist. Need I say more? Ok so yes I will say more because they were amazing. They were dressed to impress too and watching them onstage jamming out was so cool. I strive to be as cool as they were. So much bloody fun. Listen to em’ – I liked Slow to San Fransisco, Jennifer Susan and Lady Lover. They did a cover of a Beatles song – which is totally checks out.

Now for the main act…Pacific Avenue. First off – they were dressed to impress. I’m talking bell bottom jeans and flowy shirts. They had an infectious energy up on stage, confident, fun and enthusiastic – which made it easy to jump around and have a boogie. My friend H was pretty keen to get into the crowd so we started off strong in amongst all of fans. We didn’t quite make it to the front but after a few songs I was ready to head further to the back to give me more room to show of my sick dance moves (and recover from the sweaty mess that was the mosh pit).

The Good Love -> Pacific Avenue: Excuse Me -> My Hero -> California Blues -> I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor -> Something Good

They started off strong, playing You: an upbeat, classic rock banger of theirs that set the scene for the rest of the night. Next up was Excuse Me which is also a banger and a real crowd pleaser. Sally (what a lady she must’ve been) was up next – a dreamy, lush song about love at first sight! What a feeling. They played one of my faves Someday Soon which feels really nostalgic. They absolutely killed their cover of Arctic Monkey’s I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Now that was a fun one to dance to. Speaking of covers, they also did a cover of Powderfinger’s My Happiness – an Aussie classic that also really suited their sound. They also nailed it. What can’t they do?

Obviously the last two songs were Easy Love and of course my favourite song of theirs: Something Good. I can’t explain how much joy this song brings me. It’s a song that I listen to when I need a good ol’ cheering up or just when I’m in a good mood (so versatile). It’s upbeat and is a tune that I wanna blast in summer with some mates. It has their signature rock but so much of that coastal/beachy goodness that I LOVE. Listen to this song. Do it.

Great night. Great vibes. And one happy Clara.

clara x 2021